Should Terri have been kicked out?


Wooooowwwwww! Milan didnt like hearing she sucks D@#k for a living because she’s been in “33 pageants”……So it’s two people so far that have gotten into it with Milan. Hmmmmm….. And next week it’s Brandon. My take whoever throws the first punch and it lands gots to go!

Watch it here….

Question…. Milan with all those curses and fists you were hurling at Terri, What pageants do you think you will win now????? Especially when you say things like “this durty bloodclat gurl.”


2 thoughts on “Should Terri have been kicked out?

  1. milan rules. i would of punched her too if she was talking smack.and milan is cutter than her no homo and how is terri gonna act all tough but when somebody hits her shes acting weak.terri cant even fight.milan wooped that @ss

  2. how she gone talk bout she beat the girl and when it was her time to leave she said so i get beat up and im the one who gotta go ?

    dat doesnt make any sense !!!

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