Michelle Obama and mom to feature in Mothers Day issue of Essence


U.S. First Lady Michelle Obamas mother, Marian Robinson, will feature with her in the May issue of Essence magazine.

Washington, April 6 : U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, will feature with her in the May issue of Essence magazine.

Marian joined her daughter for a joint interview and cover shoot for the U.S. Mother’s Day issue of the magazine.

The interview was conducted in Michelle’s East Wing Office at about a month after the inauguration.

The mother-daughter duo discussed family, life in the White House, and the importance of good role models.

Marian, 71, said her role model was her daughter.

“Michelle has always been Michelle. And she has always accomplished whatever it was she set out to accomplish,” Politico.com quoted Robinson as saying in the interview, which is not yet posted online.

“I have always looked up to Michelle because she has been able to do things that I couldn’t do emotionally, psychologically or physically. I think she is amazing,” she said.

Michelle was also all praise for her mother.

“She made me who I am,” said the First Lady.

She also discussed her growing platform, giving it a global spin.

“We have to talk about flex hours and exercise and nutrition and health and what that means. And we have to talk about values, and our relationship with men. All of those are part of the conversation that I think we need to have, not just in this country, but around the world,” she said.

The mother-daughter team also discussed parenting.

When Marian was asked whether she planned to write a parenting book, her daughter jumped in with a laugh, and she said: “We are working on it.”


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