Feeling and Knowing We Are Blessed!!!!..


Feeling and Knowing We Are Blessed!!!!..

I just made someone very happy today and it is a wonderful feeling!

As we near the 1st of a new month I have decided to make some changes within myself. These changes are not for another person or people they are for me and me only because I feel I need them. Am I perfect? No. Am I still learning? Yes.

Last week when life was pulling me down, I still went to work with a happy heart, knowing a had a job to go to, some way to get to and from, friends and family always willing to help, a home to come back to, food to eat and a child to love. We truly are blessed — every day!!

Sometimes we come across extra special people in our lives. Sometimes we come across those people who offer us gifts of hope and healing, joy and peace, unconditional love, acceptance and respect. The world would not be the same without them. OUR world, OUR life, would not be the same without them. It was no accident that God put these people into our lives. What is the best way to say thank you to these people and to God? Return the favor!

A strange thing will happen when we give these priceless gifts away. We will actually get more back than we give away.

It is the only way to be truly blessed…. to give these gifts. Think about how much your life has been enriched by these people, by these gifts. Now think about this being multiplied many times over. That’s what happens when we re-gift these blessings. The more we give away the more we get back. Yet the burden keeps getting lighter and lighter as we give and give. Peace and joy beyond measure is ours. There is one catch though… It only works if we do not give for the purpose of getting something back. It only works if we give for the pure joy of giving – or giving out of gratitude.

Image above from: Madea’s Family Reunion


2 thoughts on “Feeling and Knowing We Are Blessed!!!!..

  1. Maybe if people took the time to stop and think about what they have positive going on in their life we would be a kinder and more caring nation. All the blessings outweigh the bad, just be thankful you are alive and can weather the storm. If you are not here then what can you fix? What joy do you bring to your loved ones and people who care about you? Be happy, enjoy life……

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