Steve Harvey tells the ladies how it is….


Here are a few pieces of advice from Harvey:

1. A man is only doing one or two things with you. He’s either playing with you, or planning with you.
You want the guy with the plan for you. If he’s “just kicking it” with you, he’s just not that into you.
2. Ask a man what his goals are on the first date.
If the man you are dating’s main goal is to become the biggest drug dealer in your neighborhood, it’ll be good to know before you become too entrenched in his world, so you can get out before you get caught up. Unless of course you’re into that sort of thing, then by all means, stay.
3. Institute a three month rule.
According to Harvey, Ford Motor Company requires employees to work for a 90 day probationary period before they awarded benefits such as medical and dental insurance. He says women should treat the first three months with a man as a probationary period and institute a three month rule before having sex with a guy.
4. If you go to you man with a situation that is fixable and he doesn’t try to fix it – he is not your man. He is not in love with you.
If your car breaks down and your boo doesn’t offer you a ride to work and he has to pass your job to get to his, and you’re left to wait for the bus, you have a problem.

Harvey also outlines the three ways a man will show his love for a woman. We’ll refer to them as the three P’s.

1. Profess
After six months he should introduce you to people as his woman, girlfriend, lady, fiance, wife or something. Not as his friend, and definitely not just by your name. In the book Harvey writes “The man who truly has feelings for you will give you a title. That title is his way of letting everyone within the sound of his voice know that he is proud of being with you and that he has plans for you.”
2. Provide
Self explanatory. If a man loves you, he will provide for you.
3. Protect
On a recent visit to Oprah, Harvey tells the story of going deep sea diving with his wife. He’s not into diving so he instructed his security guard to to swim around and keep an eye on her. The dive masters were instructed that if his wife did not come back up, everyone was to get into the water to look for her. If a man is into you, he will do everything in his power to protect you.


4 thoughts on “Steve Harvey tells the ladies how it is….

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  2. I LOVE Steve Harvey..but I gotta say that either one,those “3 P’s” are a crock (another way for a Guy to TRY and get “the cookie”..or two, there are ALOT of men and women out there that have “a problem” (as he called it)…I find myself hoping
    that it’s the latter of the two, honestly..cause I have a man that swears! he loves me and has
    supposedly proven it, yet in the next breath he says he thinks I “forced” him to be with me, gave him no choice in the matter, that all his bad choices concerning our relationship are my fault
    and that he’s only stuck around this long because he voluntarily adopted my son from a previous marriage..(which he also says he was forced into,though I never once even implied! that I wanted him to take on that responsibility!)
    I don’t even KNOW what to do anymore,I’ve loved this man for 16 years but which of his stories do I believe, he loves me..OR I forced him and he has no choice but to stay?!

  3. steve is a clown, a buffoon, and at best a 3rd teir comic! but im very happy for his success, but i have heard some incredible stories of his aragance and 2 faces. he can host megafest 1 day, and confess his relationship with God, but a week later if the money is right? he will what he calls cuss! i dont have a problem with that, because we all have a personal relationship with God. But i have a problem when he inadvertally speaks of his wealth. again im very happy for any sucessful black man, but ive never herd eddie,cosby,oprah,wil, brag about there money, ski jets, autos… rappers i understand….jz,combs, and other rappers,its there culture… just sayin. steve !class speaks for itself! you cant but it.


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