Rihanna not pressing charges


In Touch has confirmed that Rihanna has not pressed charges against her alleged attacker, Chris Brown, as of now:

“We do not have enough evidence and there have been no charges filed on the Chris Brown case,” a spokesperson in the Los Angeles DA’s office tells In Touch. But Chris is not necessarily out of hot water, even if Rihanna never files charges. “If the state gathers up enough evidence, we will press charges with or without her testifying. It is not up to the victim.” With a March 5 arraignment date set in LA for Chris, 19, In Touch has also learned that Rihanna does not have to make an appearance at the courthouse. “She will not have to show up during the arraignment,” the spokesperson says.

The only way Rihanna will be forced to face Chris is if the case, which remains under investigation, goes to trial.


2 thoughts on “Rihanna not pressing charges

  1. i think that she should press charges against him. because this isn’t a yes or no question its a have to she would have to be a fool not to press charges against him

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