Fly Guy is at it again with “She Doesn’t Like Talking To Me”


Dear Fly Guy,

I really have deep emotions for this one female. She makes me so happy, but man, when we talk on the phone, she always says ‘I will call you right back.’ I think it’s because when I get on the phone, I have nothing to talk about. It makes me mad, because when I’m with her, I talk nonstop. I just need to know how to spice up the conversation or keep her interested on the phone for at least an hour. What should I do? Thanks.

Mr. Make Her Happy

Dear Mr. Make Her Happy

I don’t want to outright tell you how to live your life, but since you asked, I would like to share one word of advice … Stop.

Stop trying to talk on the phone for an hour…
Stop trying to be something that you’re not…
Stop being so hard on yourself…

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