TMZ got a hold of Rihanna’s battery pic


This is really sad. At first, I didn’t believe it. I wanted not to believe it. But she has the same tattoo on her neck in other photos and her lips, the top lip, it has the curve. So it’s definitely her. I feel so bad.

Also, today is her 21st bday.  Happy Bday Rihanna.  Stay strong!


10 thoughts on “TMZ got a hold of Rihanna’s battery pic

  1. i ment to kill chris brown my bad…i use to like him but now why would he do sumthing like this cause ever body use to love him

  2. I would knock him on his @$$ if I saw him. Did his parents not teach him any better? What an animal. It takes a boy to throw a punch, but a man to walk away……

  3. Stay srong Rihanna, your still one of th greatest Diva’s out there. Everyone loves you! I been through similar S**t like this. God will get you back where you need to be.

  4. Well telling form the beating, I guess the rumor of him getting herpes are true cause no one would take it that far in the game unless they got something.TMZ I would go for that if I was you.Cause that is one serious ass beatting

  5. Rhini just wanted attention coz now she told the public that she misses Brezi. What he dd was rng but she ddnt have to put it out in the public like that.

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