Flyguy Article: A Prisoner Of My Dating Flaws


So I was reading Fly Guy Chronicles today and a post is there that struck a chord with me. The article is about dating flaws and poses the question:

What is your biggest dating flaw?

  • I’m too shy
  • I talk too much
  • I’m too indecisive
  • I’m too aggressive
  • I don’t have any flaws

Me myself I am too shy in the beginning and I don’t express my emotions as often as I should which has caused me to miss out on some things in life. I am a work in progress lol….. Anyways here is a snippet of his article…

A Prisoner Of My Dating Flaws

“Four relationships down the drain, and somehow it was always their fault—at least that’s what I kept telling myself. It wasn’t until I bumped into an ex a couple of days ago, that my false reality came crashing down.

“I kind of miss you,” she said, as we embraced for the first time in over a year.

“Yeah, it’s good to see you too,” I confessed.

The conversation remained light until she felt compelled to revisit the past.

“I really could have married you,” she shared, while letting out a deep sigh. “But you never wanted to compromise. Everything always had to be your way. I just didn’t want to live my life that way.”

continue reading…..


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