Did Aubrey really want to do this all along


Aubrey before the plastic surgery


Aubrey after….

I noticed that she was changing after Making the Band and not in a good way. It’s like Diddy turned her out her helped her release the dragon. Its kind of sad if you think about it because she did not look like this before….. Now she is all Lil’ Kimed out! Oh well I love her shoes though…..


2 thoughts on “Did Aubrey really want to do this all along

  1. Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey! Y? Oh well, she had it in her anyway. That is y Diddy kicked her out of the group…..He tried to save her, but she didnt want to be saved…Oh well! Nice airbrush though…and yes she has changed, the plastic surgery is apparent…and yes the shoes are very nice!

  2. She had a boob job that’s it. She’s never had any other plastic surgery. So she dyed her hair big deal. I think Diddy is scared of her, she stands up for herself and he likes to control everybody. You go Aubrey, without you Making the band sucks!!!!!

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