Who is Keisha Chante?


Chris and Keisha on the Shorty like mine set.


Bow Wow and Keisha on the Shorty like mine set.

She’s an actress/singer/dancer that was in the “Shorty like mine video.” She is also set to play Aaliyah in the biopic. Rumor has it she was the one who called 911 the night Rihanna and Chris got into it.

Anywhooo….. Her myspace has her bio and her song “2U” is not bad. Aaliyah? Hmmmmm I cant see the resemblance yet….


3 thoughts on “Who is Keisha Chante?

  1. i think she looks like aaliyah and she would do a great job as long as its not beyonce!!!!!!!lov u bey but damn can anybody else make money…word is she is the one who called the police her and chris had been flirting anyway so maybe she his next jump off…rihanna stupied for falling for a 19 year old, women mature quicker and her feeling was hurt. hey me and rihanna share the same zodiac and lord knows we crazy and chris is even crazier great sex but no relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry Ri move on.

  2. it would have been so much better if aaliyah cousin’s couls have played her.

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