Steve Harvey Answers Your Love Questions


I was reading the other day and came across this page where it said “Steve Harvey Answers Your Love Questions.” I was like huh???? What makes him an expert on relationships???? Either which way Mr. Hightower did a Q&A and this response rang so true for me.

Q: Why do men have so much enthusiasm when they meet you but seem to lose interest six months later? How do you get them to continue being as excited and interested as they were in the beginning?
—Trina, 32, Newark, New Jersey

That’s almost a natural path in relationships. It’s always a honeymoon in the beginning. It’s like when you first get married. There’s a honeymoon and then you settle into the day-to-day functions of being married: the bills, the kids, and the grind of building your dreams together. A woman has to understand that, in the beginning, the enthusiasm and the excitement for a man is the hunt. But women bring this excitement to a close a lot quicker than it has to happen. If this woman would extend the courting process, and exacted her standards of how she wants to be treated, over a long period of time, a guy would be more conditioned to constantly bombard her with niceties. If you like flowers, the flowers would continue if that was a standard. But a lot of women don’t have their standards in place so he does what he has to do in the beginning, and then it drops off.

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