Zane Episode 12: “The Seduction”

Episode 12: “The Seduction”

‘The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth’ by Zane hits bookshelves and instantly becomes a bestseller. Taariq and Ana Marie discuss their relationship and try to decide if they have a future. Eboni feels she has no choice but to end her relationship with Frank once and for all. Patience decides to act out one of Zane’s fantasies with Hunter, which hatches surprising results. Randall walks in on Maricruz and Charles together while his kids are home and is enraged. Patience receives a frantic phone call from Lyric.
I knew Lyric and Tariq were going to get back together. She’s going to cheat on him again…. I wonder if Maricruz is going to get killed off. She annoys me….. Eboni is booring and seems like she doesnt fit the show, Patience is cute I love her and her husband I hope they work things out. Can’t wait for the next episode….

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