DeShawn Snow let go from Housewives


This is a good thing actually because I think that show was not good for her. She did not fit in yet she did offer a balance and her life would have been changed because eventually they would have brought out a side of her that would have taken her out of her demeanor. Essence has the full interview on what went down….

ESSENCE.COM: We hear that you are no longer returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Is that true?
DESHAWN SHOW: Yes, one of the producers called me yesterday and said that they wouldn’t take my option.

ESSENCE.COM: What reason did they give for not inviting you back for the second season?
SNOW: [One of the producers] called and said that I was “too human for a circus show” and that because the show did so well, they are about to pump up the drama and they didn’t think that I would fit in. He gave me an example, saying that during the reunion when I found out what a few of the other ladies said about me, they were expecting me to say more, but I’m not the type to go “television” and start acting crazy because somebody’s talking about me. I’m fine with the decision. It wasn’t my decision. They let me go and there are no hard feelings. I am thankful for the opportunity.

ESSENCE.COM: So were you at all shocked by the decision?
SNOW: I didn’t see it coming. I was shocked because I just talked to them in December about the new season. It’s not like they came to me and gave me an option by saying, “We’re going to take a new direction and we want to know if you could be more like this.” I was a little hurt, but I just look at it like I am what I am. [My personality] didn’t seem to be a problem before, but I suppose the show took a different direction and they no longer see me as the right fit. If you look at all the other housewives, they are all different. I believe God moves people out of your way. It’s about God having his hand upon you and doing things for you. I’m not judging my situation. I look at the show as just a shutter-glimpse of what God has in store for me. I enjoyed being on the show and hanging with the girls. At the end of the day, I was the same person throughout the show. I never changed. I was authentic and true to myself and I can’t control what other people do.

ESSENCE.COM: There are rumors that Tameka Foster might replace you. Is that true?
SNOW: Yes, I heard that, but I don’t know. I wouldn’t say that they are replacing me because they didn’t think I was real enough or too real enough for the show, so I doubt they are going to bring in someone who has a similar personality as mine.

ESSENCE.COM: What can we expect from you in the near future?
SNOW: I’m still in school. I have a lot of opportunities and I’m thankful for all the fans. I’m writing a pre-teens and teenagers book series, which is faith-based and inspired by my life. I also have the college fair coming up again in March for the foundation and our second annual fundraising dinner in May; and of course, our annual summer camp. In terms of speaking engagements, I have a few lined up during the inauguration and I’ll be receiving the AGAPE award along with Juanita Bynum.

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7 thoughts on “DeShawn Snow let go from Housewives

  1. I all honesty as a viewer I felt that DeShawn brought some balance to the show. She wasn’t anything like the other ladies and I felt it was an opportunity for her to bring them to the other side. In some way I am glad she is not going to be connected with the show any longer, God has greater work for DeShawn, His work. Deshawn just keep moving in the path God has for you. GB

  2. DeShawn, you are truly a beautiful person with a heart of gold and that show did not deserve you. Keep being the wonderful person you are, doing things that truly make God happy because you do care about people less fortunate. God Bless You. Kimberly

  3. Deshawn was my favorite housewife on the show. She was the realest one to me and showed what a true woman acts like. I was inspired by her in so many ways. I like the fact that she was not involved in alot of drama on the show. It really shows that she did not let the fact that they were on tv made her change her personality. Just keep loving God and I think he has even bigger plans for you.

  4. I’ve heard so many people describe DeShawn as “boring.” In the world of reality television where they thrive on drama and salvate at the idea of catching people making a fool of themselves while intoxicated, I suppose in comparison to the reality television “norm”, yes, DeShawn is perceived by some people as being somewhat boring.

    You’re not going to catch her trashing someone unnecessarily while rolling around in the back seat of a limo in a drunken state. Not that she is without flaws, but I think it was obvious at the reunion show who she is at the core of her being when she refused to trash talk Kim for the sake of good television. I don’t know what she’s like behind closed doors when the cameras are off, but I do believe that her spiritual life is truly the driving force in her life. So no pun intended, but BRAVO to her for being true to herself and to her spiritual walk with God.

  5. I think that Deshawn is the sweetest little thing and I truly admire her for staying true to herself! I believe that she’s not on the show for a reason and I wish her the best!

  6. I enjoyed DeShawn on the show and I was disappointed when she did’nt return. When a black woman is on tv, these producers expect them to talk, drink, cuss, and act crazy; she isn’t that and she didn’t do that. Bravo to DeShawn!
    Duces to Bravo! I don’t like any of the last three characters they added.
    Used to be my favorite reality show, now about to jet out! The show is a circus, lead by a 50 year old (she’s lying; she’s way older than 30) blond clown!

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