Chopped and Screwed!!! Sheree dismisses divorce appeal


Hmmmm wonder if she is still going to Fashion week?

“Former Atlanta Falcon Bob Whitfield has squandered his fortune and failed to pay child support for his two children for 15 months, his ex-wife’s lawyer said Monday.

For this reason, Sheree Whitfield, a star of the TV reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” dismissed her appeal of the couple’s divorce case that sought alimony from the former football star, her lawyer, Michael Weinstock, said.”

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5 thoughts on “Chopped and Screwed!!! Sheree dismisses divorce appeal

  1. I hope she has a sponsor for fashion week. She needs to hold on her cash because it’s about to get rough for her.

  2. She was stupid as hell discussing her divorce proceedings on the show talking about how she going for millions. Lol her dumb ass didn’t get what she wanted lol. Watching the show I was appauled at how her kids look like throw away children but she was all fly.

  3. I would like to here it from sheree’s mouth, is she broke. And is there another someone special lined up, is he or she rich. I asked like I did because who is this new chic we’ve been seeing hang with sheree. Sheree better look out, her friend seems suspect !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sheree, I love the way you defend yourself. A diva of your stature, you MUST be like NeNe says it , ‘beetch.’ As far as the divorce, get as much as possible, raising two children you’re going to need it plus some. Always, put back for college. Whenever you are visting Memphis, I would love to work out with you. Your number one FAN. Virginia

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