“She by Sheree” will debut at Fashion Week!

sheree whitfield

“She by Sheree” will debut at Fashion Week in February. The basic cost of putting on a fashion show is at least $50,000 – which explains why Sheree is taking Bob back to court, claiming the $1 million he gave her in the divorce was not enough.

source:  bossip.com

Wow!  I thought she had no fashions!!!!  Also if you look at the episode where she showed her sketches to Michael they were no different from what was currently out there!  I wonder how she landed a fashion show at Fashion Week?????  Hmmmmm…… We must really be in a recession now!


9 thoughts on ““She by Sheree” will debut at Fashion Week!

  1. She got that because of the recession. A lot of designers are not showing their line this February at Bryant park. They feel it’s too expensive, especially with the state of the economy.

    I also want to say, I love your blog.

  2. I knew it! What I wondered was if she is so broke where does she get money to participate in it. Is Bravo putting up the money just to have some content for when they return???? Thanks for the compliment Shawn 🙂

  3. Dat Sheree probably sellin you know what to get the cash.You know she said she aint got no educatione and she wants to live like a white woman..

  4. Maybe she can design a Bra for that Ne Ne leakes..she be leakin sumtin and it aint antifreeze……

  5. Sheree always appeared to have been worried about something . . . always preoccupied and twirling her hair. If she makes it to fashion week, let’s make sure she gets some hair pins to hold her bangs back. Because if she reaches at something else that’s not there, I’m going to fashion week and give her some.

  6. I hope you watched last night! She by Sheree was a hott mess. The party planner came at her and she did an amazing job of being a lady and a black woman at the same time. The party planner had been less than professional and Sheree called him on it but in a polite tone. He came back at her and call her everything but a child of God saying, “I eat bitches like you everyday.” To which Sheree responded, “well eat me then.” They went at it with the party planner first telling her that she needs to be “checked.” She asked, “who is going to check me? You?” He put his hands in her face and cursed her mama! In the edit reflection Sheree commented, “yo’ mama? Who says that? Whatever happened to customer service?”

    I agree with the diva and admire the way she didn’t back down or start crying. Sheree — You work it out girl and all the best to you and your business. Before I didn’t know if I liked her or if I wanted to buy any of her clothes. After seeing the show and her gangster I’m all in.

  7. I love “who is going check me boo.” any way NY fashion week: Sheree great second effort. I like the dress you were wearing. It looks nice but the SLEEVES need IMPROVEMENT. I’m proud of you. You have shown the world and your children that when you fail once it is okay to get back-up again and try. Your models need improvement. I know you got a lot more to show the world. keep your head up because you are a strong woman with style. As for all the haters that commenting badly about Sheree, “get a life.”

  8. Has Sheree found a place to hang that fur yet? She should have stole the fur instead of the jeans..that happened at Saks in Tampa and the ghetto hood never got caught..she be got out da doe wit it…never got caught….

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