Ateyaaa’s Hair Regimen-Shampoo& Conditioner

This young lady has a wonderful regimen for doing relaxed hair at home. I absolutely love her videos. She has cooking tips, makeup tips and hair care tips what more can a girl ask for?????  I tried it and it gave me great!!!!!!!!! Shine and bounce…..  Thanks Ateyaa!



2 thoughts on “Ateyaaa’s Hair Regimen-Shampoo& Conditioner

  1. I have been using your hair care tips and I can tll a difference in only 4 weeks! My hair used to shed as well as be, lifeless ,thin and dull. Thanks to your hair regimen I believe I may have hope. I’ll keep your informed. By the way, do you have any recommendations for fuller hair. I hate my hair being this thin! Help!!!!!!!

  2. Keshia,
    I love her method as well. I went and bought all the products she is right you need to invest in a good flat iron because that is what gives the shine and Chi hair serum. Recommendations for fuller hair….. I have thin hair I would recommend using a shampoo and conditioner that says thickener. To my understanding you cant change the thickness of your hair unless you go natural….

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