Bad Girls Club 3: “Breaking and Entering”


So I watched the first and second episodes and couldn’t stop thinking wow Sarah looks like Cordelia!  Anywho… Kayla is really playing up the stereotypical angry black girl role which is annoying!  Whitney from BASTAN is trying extra hard to be gangsta.  Ailea is an instegator,  the Ambers are equally annoying as well so far the only one that seems cool is Tiffany.


Tiffany’s bio reads the following:  “Tiffany is largely supported by various sugar daddies in her life. She’ll give you the shirt off her back, but if disrespected, things will get ugly.”  Kayla’s says:  “Kayla is a born hustler who’s resorted to everything from phone sex to sugar daddies to help pay the bills. She admits to having 2 personalities.”Haaaaaa!  Where do they find these girls???


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