“A huge misunderstanding and grossly inaccurate.”


The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe Leakes says a report that she and her husband have been evicted is “a huge misunderstanding and grossly inaccurate.

“I am truly blessed to enjoy a wonderful life and lifestyle,” she says in a post on a Bravo blog. “We have indeed moved to another home, but we did so on our own free will. We live in an absolutely beautiful home, and we are fortunate to be able to live in the place of our choice.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that an eviction notice was filed Sept. 24 against NeNe’s husband, real estate investor Gregory Leakes, because he owed $6,240 in past rent on their five-bedroom home (featured on their hit Bravo show).

“Unfortunately, there are many families who are facing real foreclosures and real evictions. That is not and never was the case with us,” NeNe claims. “I know where we live and how we live, and for those blessings, I am humbly thankful.

“Without wasting time on the details, the only thing I will say is that we were NOT evicted,” she goes on. “Everybody knows that I like to be honest, real and upfront. If something was wrong, I would tell you!”

Before signing off, she thanked fans for their “well wishes. However, please know that my family continues to be abundantly blessed, and that Miss NeNe has not skipped a beat!”


6 thoughts on ““A huge misunderstanding and grossly inaccurate.”

  1. I would just like to say I have watched the show this last season, and i might say i did enjot the show. But I would like to say you and lisa keep it real and I like that about you. Way to go NENE… I also like the fact that you keep your family business to yourself it has to be that way.. May you and your family stay belssed and strong in the lord. Keep your head up my sista…

  2. I am a big fan of NeNe. She is so down to earth. I like Lisa because she is a go getter. I also like DeShawn because she really does not get involve in the petty stuff, she is the peacemaker of the group. And, if I were you DeShawn I wouldn’t care what people thought. I know if I were blessed the way you are I wouldn’t cook either and they wouldn’t either.

  3. You know, it’s funny… how we’re sending the wrong message to others. If you have a lot of money, why bother to brag about it? People are losing their homes and worst, their jobs and all people care about is what someone else have. We are so materialistic that we can’t see that we’re s.o.s… …(Stuck On Stupid) This is the reason why some of us deserve to be broke. Here is an idea. Stop living above your means and then maybe you’ll prosper. It’s better to have money and not need I than to need it and not have it. If she lose her home, then so be it. Some people are just in denial about their finances. A fool and their money will surely be departed. Some people never miss their water until their well runs dry. And when it runs dry, only then can she realize how blessed and foolish she really is. Rico, Atlanta, GA

  4. I watched the show just to realize that the rich have as many or more problems than we average folk. I think trying to maintian that image would put so much pressure on anyone; I wish they would talk about their money problems so we can all know that they do have real issues like we all do instead of making it all look so perfect.
    Jane In Nashville TN

  5. NeNe is now living on the streets and her husband owes over $100,000 in taxes. NeNe has kept all the fundraising money to herself and is running a fake charity.

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