Quotes from last nigh’ts reunion show…


Kim on her singing: “I’m excited where I’m going. I’m so proud of my album.”

NeNe on Kim’s singing: “I heard her sing and I don’t think she can sing.”

Kim on Big Papa: “It’s on again, off again. He’s going through a divorce. He’s legally married.”

NeNe said: “Close your legs to married men. You’re the one lying on everybody. Let me know about something. You said you’d like to beat my ass. I’d like to see that happen!”

Kim: “Grow up! Back your ass up and sit down!” Then: “F* you! Get your finger out of my face!”

“Trashy hooker!” NeNe says of Kim.

“He [Big Papa] is not getting a divorce!” NeNe adde

“I didn’t know you were sick,” NeNe said, not terribly convinced. “Had I known that, things might have been different. I thought that you wore the hair piece for style.”

Soon after, Lisa, out of seemingly nowhere, calls Kim “a habitual liar. You need medication for it!” (Lisa in an interview posted here on the blog had heard through second-hand sources that Kim was trash talking Lisa and claiming she lost custody of her children to Keith Sweat over drugs. Lisa denied taking drugs. Kim denied ever saying such a thing. None of this context is included in the reunion)

Lisa to Kim: “You are pathetic. You have no talent. I feel sorry for you. Screw you! I have nothing to say to you. I’ll flip you over the couch. For real!”

Sheree…I wouldn’t put her and fashion in the same sentence! Ha!


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