Did you watch the reunion last night?


What a show huh? Ok lets run it down…. First of all Bravo was very deceiving when they previewed it and showed NeNe saying “close your legs to married men” and then they made it seem like Kim replied by saying “you should be one to talk” which after watching last night wasn’t the case. Now if Big Poppa and Kim broke up what is there to watch and see in season 2 as Kim put it. Also, Lisa told Sheree about the song and Sheree repeated it to Kim. Moving on….

I loved how DeShawn stood up to Sheree in a classy way and put her in her place! Visit the DeShawn Snow Foundation – www.deshawnsnowfoundation.org.

Lisa put the smack down on Kim which was awesome. “Lisa Hartwell is NOT the one! “Lisa hasn’t tried to bank on her former relationship (like Sheree). I know there has to be some uncut footage floating around of her and Kim going at it!

Sheree looked like a dude! She was very stiff and flat. She seems very sneaky and mean spirited. Eat that humble pie girl. AND what designer doesnt sketch or sew get a clue girlfriend! Can someone please tell me what she did that inspires other girls to do?? Seriously. She married a professional athlete, started a boutique that failed, and now spends all of her ex’s money. In addition, she has a less-than-stellar past. She claims to have come from an upper middle class family, but I find that hard to believe. A reader recently tipped me off that she was arrested in April 1989 for theft (it was verified through the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Clerk of Courts – http://cpdocket.cp.cuyahogacounty.us/p_CR_CaseSummary.aspx – Search for “Sheree Fuller”). She was arrested AGAIN in May 1989 for the same thing!

According to Fulton County Superior Court records, Bob filed for divorce first…


Date Filed 03/09/2005 Disposed 10/03/2007 Final Judgment & Decree


Date Filed 10/06/2003 Disposed 03/04/2005 Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution

NeNe took every question that was thrown at her and answered it with class. She could have been a b!tch about it but wasn’t she defended herself wonderfully. I believe that she loves her husband and they seem to be true friends to each other. It’s true that she’s not the most polished person, but none of these women really are… they just hide it better than NeNe. Nene pointed out that she was offended by the fact that Kim refused to go to DeShawn’s Sunset BBQ cuz she didn’t wanna ’sit around and eat chicken’ with them. That was met with a response from Nene saying “We did not have chicken, we had lamb & shrimp.” Priceless!

Interviewer: In one episode, Kim called you a “low-budget bitch”!
NeNe: This is what I have to say about that: I’m not a low-budget bitch, but I am a bitch on a budget. [Laughs.] We are in a recession, and I am on a budget, baby!”


I loved!!!!! Loved!!! when Dwight Eubanks came out and sat in between Kim and Sheree and said “let me break this up right here!” also said “Kim needs to be brought up to the 21st century!” His take on the housewives? “Très, très, très de classe,” he said in calling the women very, very, very low class in French. “All this cat fighting is so unnecessary and it’s so unladylike.” Too funny with his “Vampire from Brooklyn” hair do!

Here is a clip from last night that you didn’t see….

What were your thoughts????


10 thoughts on “Did you watch the reunion last night?

  1. I could not wait for the show to be broadcasted but, after watching it I was hoping for a little more. I was expecting more questions to be asked. Though i thought it was hirlarous when they were taking questions asked by the viewers, watch were absoululty true and down to the point it was great! Sheree had something to say during the whole season of The real housewives of Atlanta, but on the show last night she seemed to be quite and kept back? Could this be because she watched the show and was embarrassed on how she was acting? Kim looked awful as usual. I wasnt not expecting the “cancer converstation” to come up during it. I thought it was GREAT when Lisa called Kim out on it though! Kim is a liar and im pretty sure we all saw that last night. I was proud of Deshawn for actually sticking up for herself to Sheree! Though they did not reveal for “Big poppa” is, im pretty sure we can all use are internet resources and find that at by ourselfs. So untill next season, lets keep it classy.

  2. i love these housewives
    Kim really got it bad last night but she made her bed
    Sheree is a weirdo wouldnt be sad if she wasnt on next season
    i love Nene and Deshawn and Lisa
    Kim is a villain they should add another housewife for next season

  3. So, I love NeNe, of course, but I have to note that I think that Kim got a slightly raw deal with Lisa because Lisa also played both sides during the show. I could see Kim and Sheree calling up Lisa to cosign what Sheree had already told Kim.

    Nevertheless, Kim is a trashbox and she got hosed per section 8.5.3 of the BFF Handbook entitled “Don’t Be So Clique Hungry That You Dump a Friend to Get a Friend.” If Sheree hadn’t been so about screwing it to NeNe she and Kim never would have been friends. Kim is not Sheree’s style at all.

    And Sheree looked like the cat who ate the canary the whole time. She never has anything to say when they are all together because she talks out the side of her mouth. She’s not upfront like NeNe and that’s why they can’t stay friends. Sheree’s always going to revert to her true form…Backstabbin’ Snotty Bea-bea. Some women are just like that by nature….God bless her! LOL

  4. I agree that Sheree used Kim to get back at NeNe, but what does that say about Kim?????????? That’s right, folks, she’s a dumb b!tch!!!!!!!!! So dumb that she couldn’t even see what Sheree was doing… Sad, very sad. On the flip side….. NeNe, now you know where you stand and you don’t need those b!tches. Just wait til Sheree screws over Kim and she’s left hanging out there to dry…. I hope we get to see you slam your door in Kim’s face.

  5. We did get to see the door slammed in Kim’s face when NeNe was asked if she would be friends with Kim again she said “I’m good on friends,” and then said “I have a lot of friends.”

  6. I mean Kim going to NeNe’s house to beg for forgiveness and NeNe slamming the door in Kim’s face. Ya know what, though? I think NeNe has too much class to actually do anything like that…. but it would still be nice to see….. Kim getting her come uppance for being an immature, spoiled, rich brat!

  7. DeShawn – Love her! So classy! She talks the Christian talk, and walks the Christian walk! She is real! Even at the finale she kept it classy! I agree, the way she snaped Sheree back in her place, “Clearly, I don’t operate like that”…LOL! Get um’ girl!

    Lisa – Should have flipped Kim over the couch! LOL! She’s too funny! Love her too! (I hope her ex will let the kids on next season’s episodes)

    NeNe – MY GIRL!! You cannot ask for a more real person! I did think Kim’s “Chicken” reference was kinda suspect too…I was glad NeNe addressed it.

    Sheree – I really, really wanna know what designers is she refering to that don’t know about textiles, sketching, etc. From Coco Chanel to Ralph Lauren, all REAL designers have training or knowledge of FASHION! She is a mess, a gold digger…I don’t like her.

    Kim – Where do I begin? Country Singer-NO, Aged 29-NO, Buddy Buddy with Dallas Austin-NO, Two Faced-YES, Bamma-YES, A Mess-YES, Wanna Be-YES!!! I cannot believe that they allowed her on this show. She is not a “housewife”…she is the “other woman”! I don’t like her either!

    Dwight Eubanks – LOVE HIM!! Every woman needs a “Gay Boyfriend”…I swear by mines! LOL! If you ever want the honest truth, they are as real as people come! Love, Love, Love HIM! “Who is this I hear that had a fashion show with NO fashions?!? I call that a PARTY!!” –LMAO!! Classic;)

  8. WHEW! Where do i start??
    Kim-White Trash “ho”, teaching her daughters the art. Also, two faced, phony, AND LASTLY–PLEASE SAVE US FROM HER SINGING VOICE!! i fell out of my chair laughing when she started singing and then had the nerve to diss the singing coach….OH, ADD ONE MORE THING..DELUSIONAL. Please post that ‘RECORD’ when it comes out!

    Sheree-(SHER-RAY) PUHLEESE, come on Sherry, you know that’s what your momma named ya! Beautiful? Beauty is a beauty does, and between you and Kim, believe me, it didn’t do much. Let’s be honest, She by Sherree? Kimora Lee Wannabe!!! It will never happen…..with that attitude and lack of business savvy. 7 figures? from whom? 0000,000$

    NENE–LOVE HER! THE REAL DEAL. Don’t play her cheap. She was the most real of them all!!!! Her husband is a real man, loves her for herself, no phony baloney going on there.

    DESHAWN- pretentious “nouveau riche”.

    LISA- Cute as a button, baby is gorgeous. Seems to be interested in making it in her own right, not dependent on husband to pay her way. A little sneaky, but who amongst us hasn’t whispered a little “guess what i heard?) Kim and Sheree deserved it anyway! LOL

    REUNION SHOW: I ONLY WISHED THEY HAD LET NENE GO, KIM NEEDED A GOOD “A-WHUPPIN'”, she should be sued for spinning that tale about cancer! Instead of buying that car (did Big Papa take it back? Was it even in her name?) she should have bought a better hairdo. I see average working women with better hair extensions/wigs!

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