Sheree speaks to Essence again….


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Don’t forget to watch the reunion tonight!

ESSENCE.COM: The reunion comes on tonight, and from the clip, it looks like it’s going to be crazy with people getting into each other’s faces. Did you expect all that?
Absolutely not. I figured, we’re all ladies and we’re all moms. I had no clue it was going to go down like that and it’s hotter than hot. Sooner or later everyone’s true colors come out. As four African-American women and a Caucasian girl, they brought us together and wanted us to be friends. That’s where a lot of the differences [are apparent] because we didn’t really know each other like that.

ESSENCE.COM: After the show wrapped, you continued your relationship with Kim. Were you ever nervous about getting close after she and NeNe’s friendship ended, and how was your experience when you two worked on the set of the film “The Joneses”?
It was wonderful. Everybody always says this is my calling anyway. Demi Moore was so cool and down to earth, and she looked great. She knew the show and the whole crew watched it. With Kim, I’m always very cautious about people I bring in my circle, especially right now. I like to give people a clean slate in my life until you show and prove differently, and I don’t prejudge them on their relationship with someone else. Honestly, Kim and NeNe weren’t as close as it appears they were at all. NeNe and I, we’re cordial; we’re cool.

ESSENCE.COM: We also saw that you didn’t come to DeShawn’s barbecue she hosted for all the women. Knowing how much effort she put into it, do you regret being a no-show?
WHITFIELD: I wish I would have been there because she put so much time and effort into it. DeShawn’s barbecue was the very next day after my viewing. My family decided we would all go but something urgent came up that day and we couldn’t go. I told the producers several times and they said they would relay that message, but apparently they never did. The thing is, DeShawn and I never established a bond. They say she’s the peacemaker, but to me, she’s trying to egg it on and instigating. If anyone would have been a peacemaker it would have been Lisa. I definitely would have gone. It’s horrible and unfortunate they didn’t pass the message, and I am portrayed as this cold person that didn’t show.

ESSENCE.COM: So after taping and watching the whole season, did people get to meet the real Sheree, and is there anything you would do differently?
WHITFIELD: Am I that way 24/7? No. I’m very much involved with my kids and my business. Even my oldest daughter came home for my viewing and they taped her and everything but they cut that out. Speaking of which, I’m still suffering the repercussions from when I sent in pictures of my family and here it comes on the Internet saying my daughter Tierra is my friend, and I never said that. My family is suffering and it’s very emotional. Hopefully on season two they will show more of my compassionate side. But I still will always be me.

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12 thoughts on “Sheree speaks to Essence again….

  1. WHATEVER Sheree… No one likes your ass & it’s obvious why. I am so sick of people blaming editing on why they are portrayed the way they are. Your personality sucks & that’s that. Deal with it or change & be nicer & not sp self-centered… Maybe your family won’t suffer so much.

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    Personally, I have enjoyed reading all your blogs concerning the show and hope you can take part in our feature.

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    “Put some sunshine on your face; I got mine, you get yours.”
    – Mudbone (aka Richard Pryor

  3. It’s a shame that she isn’t as pretty inside as she is on the outside. She’s the type you expect to be cool and when she isn’t, you’re glad you didn’t tell her all your business.

  4. Whatever, Sheree. What was your “bond” with Kim when you felt it your “duty” to call her and tell her something Lisa told you in confidence? Lisa was using you as a sounding board. I wonder if Lisa still considers you a friend. How low will you go to get “back” at NeNe. Your compassionate side? I don’t believe you have a compassionate bone in your body. I aree with Afro Goddess, it’s ashame you aren’t as beautiful on the inside. YOur personality makes you look like the Wicked Witch of Atlanta. Oh yeah…. Michael Knight did seew his designs. If you watched Project Runway, you would have known that. Unlike you, he has to work for what he gets. He doesn’t have a soon to be ex-husband to take to the cleaners so he can live in the life style he feels he’s entitled too. Let’s hope that you keep throwing your money at people that are more than happy to take it….. cause you are no designer.

  5. Yes… she is a BEOUTCH, but I want to know where the grey sweather dress she had on on the reunion show is from. Does anyone know?

  6. Sheree, Sheree, Sheree. Still trying to “act” like the innocent classy chick. I saw right through you as most of america did. You are a manipulative, deceiving trick, who used others as puppets in order to do your “bad” work, while keeping your hands clean. I am not sure why you feel you are someone to look up to. Actually…I take that back. Anyone out there who needs notes on how to be a GOLD DIGGER, and make a name for yourself off of someone else’s fame…please reference Sheree. She is a PRIME example!

  7. Okay, she does seem a little manipulative, but editing does play a large role and how she was perceived to the world. I think Sheree does have a compassionate side and the only side we saw, was her being self absorbed. The productions crew stirred up a lot of drama. There is so much we didn’t see. She definately put her foot in her mouth when she said she wants 7 figures from her ex-hubby so she can continute living her lifestyle. That is where I think people got the impression she was a gold digger and didn’t have her own money. Anyhow, hopefully season 2 will portray her in a better light.

  8. Sheree,

    Now I must say, you are a pretty girl…but the way you are portrayed on the footage displayed that you are not trustworthy and self-centered. You also seem to be a little bitter toward certain things just based on observation. But, at any rate I certainly hope that your clothing line launches sucessfully. May God continously bless you and your family!

  9. Sheree, please you are really trying to cover your ass you know that you enjoyed telling kim what NeNe did you know you did but that’s ok you and kim need each other so I hope that relationship works out.


  11. Sheree, again you are playing the blame game and speaking way out of turn, concerning DeShawn. If she were instigating anything, it would be peace, having you to her home, when you acted like a real witch at her gala. What does that truly say about you. As well, in the show, you didn’t mention you had an older daughter, when you talked about having kids with your husband. You called NeNe names, but not once did she leave off the fact that she had an older son from a previous relationship. So, who is the one with “No Class”. Remember any female can have a baby, but it takes a hell of a woman to raise that child.

  12. Sheree girl when the show first came on I thought you were okay but as the show went on I found out girl you are fake as hell. you don’t know fashion you say you have a chef hell where is he don’t try to make yourself more than what you really are. people like me can tell fake ass people like yourself and Kim wonna be ass. you ask Kim’s Doctor do you need botox hell no you don’t need you need plastic surgery your face is as long as I-20.

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