Dallas posted this picture with this caption on his Myspace blog!



17 thoughts on “Dallas posted this picture with this caption on his Myspace blog!

  1. Sheree thinks Nene has no class…well, wasn’t Sheree the one swinging from a pole with strippers in her home? Great role model Sheree!

  2. He should have just said it was being a fiend and entertaining he dreams but no real album is in the making. He could have used it as an opportunity to show his humanity rather then later have himself sound like a fake for a few moments of tv time.

  3. He should have just said, “I was being a friend and entertaining her dreams but no real album is in the making.” He could have used the spotlight as an opportunity to show his humanity, rather than later have himself sound like a fake for a few moments of TV time.

  4. He should’ve put another picture of him with a text below saying I sold out to a TV Show and a “housewife” Ha!

  5. I don’t think Kim is very bright, but I do think she was scapegoated by all of the women. I think the real stone-thrower is Sheree and she threw Kim under the bus. Unfortunately Kim wasn’t bright enough to see that Sheree was totally using her to get to NeNe.
    I also think the race card was played (shocker) to discredit Kim. I think all of those women are racist and had no problem beating up on Kim….and Sheree just sat back and smiled! Sheree is not a good person.
    Does Kim have issues? Absolutely! However, the rest of them are just TRASH. The only one that had any class was DeShawn. And if her back was up against the wall, she would fall on the side of what’s black, and not what’s right.
    I have always been told that blacks were horribly racist, and I didn’t believe it until tonight.
    Get some class, Atlanta! The rest of the country is laughing at you!

  6. How funny. The whole show Kim actually sat there and said how “she was going to have an album, and how she was recording with Dallas Austin.” We can all now laugh with NeNe for making fun of Kim in the limo.

  7. Morgan, you need to work through your race issues…seriously! LOL

    I think that Kim was a scapegoat because she’s socially stupid, but that doesn’t make the other women racist. I didn’t agree with NeNe trying to make the chicken comment some big racist statement. It wasn’t. NeNe was reaching because she wanted to further demonize an ex-BFF who hurt her feelings.

    Kim discredited herself when she figured she had to dump one friend to social climb and make another friend. Sheree is the type of chick who only wants to know you if you are well known or can do something for her. Therefore, Kim wasn’t Sheree’s type. The only reason Sheree was cool with Kim was b/c they got to be on tv together and because it would piss NeNe off.

    Its not racist if people don’t like stupid, socially awkward folks like Kim. Hell, the woman couldn’t spell “cat”!

    If you don’t like Black folks now, that’s fine ’cause there’s a whole bunch of yall who don’t and each has their own crazy reason why. But please do yourself a favor and don’t make Kim the poster child for your “reverse” racism. Go get a better reason like Flava Flav or DL Hughley! LOL

  8. Morgan, you think Kim is a scapegoat?…….. I think she’s a dumb, delusional, no-talent b!tch. Props to Dallas for making her look like the fool she is. If I was Kim, I would have been embarrassed to “sing” on national TV. Kim’s just another one that believes her money can buy her anything (like Sheree’s delusional thought that she can be a fashion designer). News Flash…. money can’t buy you talent, love (I’m talking true love), personality, conscience, compassion, or a heart. Money can buy you the right to treat people as if they were beneath you, obviously, Sheree.

    And Afro Goddess, not all of us white folk have issues with black folk. Some of us actually value the person for who they are from the inside. Some of us believe that the color of ones skin is only one of the attributes to their individuality (although I have to admit that there are those of my race that can not see beyond the color of a person’s skin and that makes me very sad).

  9. How did I know someone would talk about this race thing. But I don’t think Kim is a racist; and not all black people are racist, its more like a defense or guard that goes up very quickly if there is the slightest insinuation that a comment may be racially driven, its not an everyday thing. Its hard to tell who is and who isn’t, like if they’re joking or its serious.

    As for the housewives, I found them all to be quite entertaining, and although I kind of liked her Sheree did have a serious attitude, and look down on others. But think about how she was acting when it came to NeNe…she wasn’t hollering and cursing up a storm, she didn’t even say anything that harsh. She just kept her cool, and didn’t get nasty. A lot of black women do not have this attribute, and I thought that was big of her. I do think that she liked becoming friends with Kim to piss NeNe off though. And NeNe was the only one who was hood last night getting up from the couch and trying to fight someone…wtf!?

    And Kim….she cannot sing, but I feel bad for her, she is truly an idiot, and I seriously hope she is raising her children properly so they don’t become another her. And if there really is no album, that is so so sad–why is she lying?

    Despite everything….I hope there is a Season 2 🙂

  10. Kim is an idiot, for thinking this man is going to divorce his wife and not continue what he has been doing. As far as her relationship with the other women, its not about race, its about “status”. Some have their own and some are living or trying to live off their spouses status. Sheree in my opinion is the biggest one, all she talks about is getting some seven figures. It should be six figures “CAREER”, her own money and stop trying to be Ms. It:) As for NeNe, about to get it on with Kim, remember its a reality show and we sometime go there, but more importantly look at the make-up of the women, a kept woman(KIM), a business woman(LISA), a greedy woman(SHEREE), a spiritual, family oriented woman (DeShawn), and my all time favorite, NeNe, who speaks her mind, strong, confident and more importantly loves herself and got out of an abusive relationship, dealing with parentage issues and still raising her own children! A real housewife!

  11. Wow, the true “colors” really come out when there is a conflict.
    First, if you believe these women represent real housewives in Atlanta, you are sadly mistaken. You have a couple of professional jocks’ wives who have no education, no skills, (remember the auction) and attempt to buy class with money. Speaking of kept women, NeNe married a man twice her age who does his best to keep her in wine, food, and custom made clothes for her son. Most actual Atlanta housewives are conservative and respectful. These women are neither. While Kim is not too bright, she seems good hearted and harmless. She is no match for being ganged up on by the group where she is the minority. And if you don’t believe race plays a part in this, you are too naive to have an opinion.

  12. Some of you sound like under cover racists. References were made that a white woman was targeted as a scapegoat and the minority. By common standards, Kim can’t sing nor does her marital status fall under the definition of a “house wife!” My opinion: Kim was a buffon–period. Why are the other women trash? Some people become infuriated when an African American family is financially more sound than they are–get over it. Did NeNe talk too loud for your standards? (I laugh at this.) Does it bother you that Lisa stood up for herself? Did she actually toss her over the couch? (That would have been funny–damn.) Were they ALL materialistic and over the top at times? Absolutely. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t have watched a second episode…nor would you take the time to blog now would you? Do not forget that many of them have foundations and are actively involved in changing lives in their communities for the better.

  13. I feel everyone is entitled to their opinions. I think some comments are very insensitive. No one of us is perfect. We are who we are.
    We can take the good -bad character traits of these women and learn something about our individual selves and lifestyle we lead. Some people need a reality check and this show brought about awareness for viewers and the cast members, I think these women and their families are very brave to make themselves vulnerable for public scrutiny. The exposure to different cultures and socioeconmic statuses was enlightening and inspiring from a wholistic point of view.

  14. I just wanted to reply to this Morgan character. It’s so comical to me how people want to comment about racial issues, then make blanketed racial comments. It was poor Kim and everybody else was considered “trash” for what reason? Hmmm… the last time I looked, she was only one representing herself like a Low-budget Porn Star with the manners of a Truck Stop waitress. Know matter if she was African-American, Hispanic, Red, Yellow or Purple she would have been the only one I gave the label of “Trash.” It’s so sad how miserable people are that they can’t even give a simple compliment without adding something negative to it. “Deshawn was the only one with class but… ” no need to give a compliment if your going to add a negative but to the end.
    The only way you can’t see a problem with Kim’s behavior is if that’s your behavior. (pssst.. if your Morgan’s friend watch your back.)
    Don’t get me wrong several people were out of line with some of their behavior and comments. That’s why this is called reality T.V. some people just make poor friends and poor choices. Nobody is perfect ALL the time if they edited their behavior for television it wouldn’t be reality and we wouldn’t LOVE to watch it. I just hope that some of the antics that were transpiring made people more aware of how they treat people, they consider to be friends and family. Just alittle food for thought… Prayer works wonders.

  15. All i said is that the women was pure entertainment they all had something to contribute to the show such deshawn showed women how to maintain class at all times, Nene show women how to be real and true at all times hint to Kim speaking of Kim please know when you have a true friend cause that useless hoodrat Sheree is faker then a seven dollar bill she looks like a pretty weasil in the face, lisa you made one mistake saying what nene said about kim but i like you PS TO THAT BACKWOOD MORGAN OR SHALL I SAY MORE RACIST DONT USE KIM FOR YOUR SAD ISSUES ALL YOU NEED TO HEAR IS GOT GOD!


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