Brothers to Brutha


Under One Roof

It’s a little tight in the brothers’ house. Anthony’s sharing his room with his sister, and Jared and Jacob are in the garage with the dog. A four-bedroom condo for seven people is a bit snug. No wonder there’s tension.

Brother vs. Brother

Eldest brother Grady has a problem with Anthony’s drinking, claiming that it affects Anthony’s singing, but Anthony has no intention of giving up that vice. Maybe that’s still on Grady’s mind when Anthony calls his brother a homosexual. Anthony finds it funny, but Grady responds with a sucker punch that catches his lil’ bro off guard. The two fight while their family members try to pry them apart.

In the end, they make up. Jared points out that Anthony can’t continue to insult his brother. Papa tells them they need to voice their issues before things get physical. Will these two move past this, or will it come up again?

Drano’s Drama

Drano, the fellas’ uncle, decides to have a family BBQ, but he’s none too pleased when Anthony bails to make some money at his side hustle. Who knew a grown man needed permission to go to his job? Apparently, Anthony does, and Drano takes it personally that Anthony left without first letting Drano know. Was Anthony being secretive? Drano definitely thought so.

In the end the brothers are all side-by-side performing for their loved ones. It’s all peace and love … for now.

What did you think of the episode?

9 thoughts on “Brothers to Brutha

  1. BET recently premiered a show called “Brothers to Brutha” which centers around 5 young brothers and their singing group. On this weeks episode the youngest brother, Anthony, made a comment about one of his older brothers, Grady, dancing like a homosexual. Grady, out of anger then assaulted Anthony. This angered me in two ways; the fact that “homosexual” was used as a derogatory term, and that it was received as such a horrible label that one would attack his own brother. This angered me enough to log into BET’s website to post a comment about this. However, I was confronted with a survey pertaining to this exact issue. But, instead of BET questioning the usage of this word, they asked if Anthony should have guestioned Grady’s manhood. Basically inferring being gay somehow negates being a man. I no longer felt commenting on that site would be effective since BET obviously views gays in a negative way and would pay no attention to our concerns. This worries me since the group, and the show, is meant to appeal to younger viewers and this is not the example we need to set for them. We are already trying to stop the usage of the phrase “that is so gay” and this politically correct version is more offensive since it is a pointed and deliberate attempt to avoid any confusion over the intended offense. We, as a nation, are finally making huge strides forward to eliminate the years of prejudices already in place. This is being done in large part to a younger, more diverse, population that does not view homosexuality as wrong, or not being normal. Having a media outlet with such trendsetting capabilities like BET allow, and promote, such hatred is unacceptable and we must do something to let BET know will will not allow them to promote hatred.

  2. Hey Houstonbch,
    I thought that was kind of degrading one because he used a derogatory term and two because he disrespected his brother in front of millions. I want to see how much backlash BET is going to get for that one.

  3. hey my name is tiara and i was writen because i would like for brutha to brothers to sing at my sweet sixteen on june 12 2009 in chicago at any cost please call or email at (773)419-9293 or (773)651-9293

  4. Life is too short for them to argue and fight. I had to have brain surgery in June and it’s a blessing for me to be here. I am 32 and I have four boys that I love dearly. They should not take the time to argue and fight but should enjoy the time that they spend together because tomorrow is not promised. Just wanted to share this to give you another outlook on life. Instead of fighting love one another. I wish you all well and God Bless you.

  5. i think the show is really great it really change my life because know all my sister and i are getting along just great. Thanks guy for making the show! Much Love

  6. hey anthoney,grady,jacob,poppa,and jared. i really am so glad you are in the indistsry cause you all are
    fit for it. i watch yall on t.v how yall fuse and fight but manage to push through it all and make up. thats y i love
    yall cause yall work it out.see other peopel dnt do that now they just give up and dnt care about nothing like nothing never happen so yall keep it up

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