Kim speaks to Essence


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Essence got the info on the latest cat fight between Kim and Lisa and Kim and NeNe

ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of your relationship, there are tons of rumors out there that your fiancé, otherwise known as Big Poppa, is married. Care to clarify?
ZOLCIAK: He is legally married. He has been going through a divorce for years. I’ve seen all these crazy names of who he is on the Internet, like Quincy Jones, Ted Turner, and even Dallas. He’s like Sheree, who has been trying to get a divorce for years, but she’s dating so it’s that kind of thing.

ESSENCE.COM: Are you guys still going strong?
ZOLCIAK: No, it’s officially over. I called off my engagement and I’m officially single. People have speculated that it’s this Lee guy (Lee Najjar) to Quincy Jones to David Foster to Dallas Austin. It’s just unbelievable. Big Poppa has been my best friend for three years and I think he’s a great person but I need to go find Kim and what makes Kim happy and chase my dreams. I want someone who is supportive of me and my dreams and not add tension to my life. I want to focus on my children, finish my album and not worry about what makes everyone else happy.

ESSENCE.COM: What projects do you have coming up after the show?
ZOLCIAK: I’m in talks to be on the cover of Playboy and possibly on the cover of Maxim. I’m very excited. A lot of people were like I wish you would do Playboy so I’m working on that. I didn’t want to be just a centerfold girl. I wanted to be the cover!

ESSENCE.COM: It seems like you and NeNe may never be friends again. Have things gotten better between you two?
ZOLCIAK: No. We are definitely not friends. You know she really hurt my feelings singing that song about me in the limo. Although it is fun and entertaining, it was still at my expense. Lisa was the one who told me that NeNe has sang that song about me. Sheree had told me but Sheree wasn’t there in the car. I found out about NeNe singing about me about a month after we started filming so I knew even before I started becoming friends with Sheree. People are looking at this footage and thinking I turned my back on NeNe and became best friends with Sheree. Lisa is the one who told me the whole thing. I was just devastated. I was loyal to NeNe and a good friend. Plus, Lisa is running around saying she didn’t say anything but that’s how I found out. DeShawn is not into gossip. She’s sweet and I really like her. She’s just this even-keeled person. Lisa is still trying to deny that she told me, but I have phone records that prove that I spoke to her. She’s been saying, oh, I never talked to you that day and I was like, damn, bitch, here’s the phone record. This whole deal is nothing but drama.

ESSENCE.COM: So we’re guessing there’s no way you and NeNe can get past this.
ZOLCIAK: NeNe is funny, entertaining, and was a good friend but watching the footage again reopened old wounds. She has to understand that I’m really sensitive, and whether it was in good fun or not, it still bothered me. The biggest problem between NeNe and me is a lack of communication and the fact that everyone is running their mouth.

ESSENCE.COM: So what’s up between you and Lisa? Did you call her a “crack whore”?

ZOLCIAK: Everything was blown out of proportion. There are so many rumors and just gossip out there. I thought this was over with but as far as I am concerned, Lisa is a great girl. I did read Lisa’s story on and I think at the end of the day, I could certainly run my own mouth but I choose to take the high road. I read a Google alert out loud and there were tons of stuff written about all of us, not just Lisa. I was reading a blog. I would never speak that way of anybody especially one of my costars. I’m a mother and I would never speak that way. Whoever relayed the message to Lisa didn’t give her the whole story. It was no big deal. I was reading it verbatim in the blog thinking, This is crazy. It wasn’t directed to anyone else.

ESSENCE.COM: Are you still close friends with Sheree?
ZOLCIAK: We’re very close. She’s easy to get along with and our kids get along great. I think her image on the show and the way she’s portrayed is totally inaccurate. Is she totally confident? Yes. Does she like to shop? Absolutely. But I think she comes off as a diva more than she actually is.

ESSENCE.COM: You once said that you see yourself as a Black girl in a White girl’s body. What makes you feel like you identify with Black women?
ZOLCIAK: I had entirely too much wine that day in my interview. I just don’t see color and I never have because it doesn’t matter to me. People always say, “You sure your dad’s not Black?”- because I got a pretty round booty. Other than that, 50 percent of my girlfriends are Black. It’s not that I can relate to one more than the other. That’s just my life and that’s who I am surrounded by mostly and it works for me.

10 thoughts on “Kim speaks to Essence

  1. for some reason i definitely don’t believe anything that comes out of this woman’s mouth. i enjoyed watching the show, but if they’re not going to be real, then what’s the sense in doing a “reality” show. any woman who has ever been friends with a group of women should understand that women talk…usually it’s all in good fun, so give me a break with all this, “NeNe sang a song about me”. grow up and get over it. you’re an adult, and frankly NeNe is right.

  2. I have to say, Kim is full of s***! And WHAT is up with that thing ontop of her head? UGH! Is she blind? That think does not look like real hair. And kim, by the way, my grandmother too has been 29 for the past 40 years that is! Will somebody please get that girl a tutor! k-a-t? You cant be serious girl. Grant it, we all have to remember that this IS t.v. land we are watching. Yes it’s a “reality” show, but we really only get to see what Bravo wants us to see…. however what we did see of Kim, doesnt say much for her. I think its funny that Lisa went off on her, someone needs to put that old, funky, lying, gold digging, drunk in her place! I am white, and trust me when I say, she does NOT represent white women well. NeNe is so much fun to watch, and yeah, shes in the right… totally.

  3. Kim and Sheree can’t stand either one of you. You are an embarresment to the female gender! If you don’t understand
    what I mean watch the series again. All your values are
    a bit messed up (that includes you NeNe, Lisa and Deshawn).

  4. Kim, we love you in Texas, think your great and hope to see you and Nene second season. I can do without the others though. Keep it real, keep it moving and be you. These bi***** wish they could have a man that loves them, spoils them, 2 great little girls I could keep going.Best of luck to you

  5. Um, what the f*ck are you talking about Tristan?? You know you’re a loser for loving Kim, right? Yes, honey you are… bubblehead

    “K-A-T” Lol

  6. I believe that Lisa told Kim. But when you think about it Lisa is just a open kind of girl. I believe she didnt mean no harm when she told her tho. because look who the hell else would tell Kim. It sure in the hell was not Deshawn. But you know they all have their flaws Kim was wrong for choosing sides if she claims she is so real she should have came to Nene. but the saying is not true opposites do not attract. because her and nene is the exact opposite…..


  7. First, I loved the show…… but come on. Do you mean to tell me that Kim is so shallow that the song NeNe sang in the limo was enough to “ruin” their friendship? If Kim was NeNe’s “friend” and “has her back” and was “loyal” to NeNe, the hearsay that Kim heard should have been something Kim confronted NeNe about. Any real woman would have done that. If someone told me something that my best friend said about me, I would at least be on the phone and say…. this is what I heard. What’s the deal? And I hope you don’t think you’re going to get rich with a singing career. I’ve heard seals carry a tune better. And if you really are 30, like you claim to be; the cigarettes have ruined what voice you may have had. I’m almost 50 and a smoker and my voice doesn’t sound nearly as bad as yours.

    And Sheree… if you watched Project Runway and knew anything about Michael Knight, you would know that, yes, he did sew his designs and he even went to the likes of a textile shop and picked out his fabrics himself. Just because you have money to throw at a project, does not make you a designer. Talk to Kimora. It takes more than money to run a successful line…. it takes a lot of sweat equity. So I guess you have to get your hands dirty (God forbid!).

    Lisa, I hope you have learned to keep your mouth shut. I love you, but you were not dealing with a chick with a full deck. I understand where you were coming from, but you were in the limo and knew NeNe may have had a little too much to drink… not to mention the fact that what NeNe was saying was dead on…. KIM CAN’T SING!!!!!!!!!!!

    And NeNe…… I love ya girl, but sometimes you come off as ghetto (it’s your mouth, babe). You have too much class. You need to tone down your language; it’s makes you come off as cheap. I give you and DeShawn a lot of credit for actually trying to do something to help others besides yourself (unlike Kim and Sheree who are only out to help themselves). You both have started charities that will benefit those less fortunate, props to both of you.

    And last but not least…. DeShawn, stay sweet. You are the gem of the show and oh so understated. Sorry things didn’t go as you hoped with your charity event, but like you said…. you learned from your mistakes.

  8. Kim, at first I thot you were ok but then found out that you were romantically involved with a married man and that you really are into drama. The crap with NeNe is ridiculous!! You should listen to the people that are telling you that you cannot sing because they are your true friends. The ones that have led you to think that you can sing are the ones that you should be mad at they are going to cause you to be very embarrassed. YOu are very tone deaf and don’t have a clue what you are doing when it comes to music.

  9. Kim, at first I thot you were ok but then found out that you were romantically involved with a married man and that you really are into drama. The crap with NeNe is ridiculous!! You should listen to the people that are telling you that you cannot sing because they are your true friends. The ones that have led you to think that you can sing are the ones that you should be mad at they are going to cause you to be very embarrassed. YOu are very tone deaf and don’t have a clue what you are doing when it comes to music.

  10. Kim, you go girl. Others only wish they could make the money you do on a reality show. If its staged, like most are, then you girls got it right, people watch, people blog, and you know the madder people get, the more they watch the more money the stars make. We all know that the boring stuff isn’t put on TV, no wonder deshawn is gone. Need drama, more drama, more ratings. Whether people like you or not, they certainly would not want someone reviewing their lives here online. I still find it funny that people still think the real world was the very first reality show. If they did a little research, the would find that it’s “An American Family” filmed in 1973 and even had updates filmed years later.
    Again, you go girl! Who I like and don’t like makes great TV.

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