Lisa says “I Never Threatened to Kill Kim”


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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Lisa Wu Hartwell responds to allegations made by her costar Kim Zolciak, who claims Hartwell threatened her.

ESSENCE.COM: Your costar Kim Zolciak has accused you of threatening to kill her. Is that true?
Never would I threaten to kill anyone. Kim made a very heinous statement about me. She said I was a crack whore [Zolciak denies making this statement.] and that’s the reason I don’t have my kids [Justin and Jason]. Not only did she lie and insult me, but she insulted my children and my integrity. I have never done drugs in my life. I am a businesswoman.

ESSENCE.COM: Wow. Who did Kim tell that you were a “crack whore”?
She was on the set of Demi Moore’s new film “The Joneses,” which costars David Duchovny and Chris Williams [the brother of “Ugly Betty” star Vanessa Williams], and the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast was invited to star in as extras. I declined, but she and Sheree went. She didn’t realize the people she said this to about me were friends of mine. I’m a businesswoman-an actress, writer and producer of movies-and to have her making up lies about me to people I could potentially work with one day is crazy! She said those things in front of Demi Moore.

ESSENCE.COM: Did you leave her threatening messages on her voicemail or text her messages to her cell phone?
Yes, I did call her and told her she needed to call me because I wanted to address the lies she’d been spreading about me. I was never threatening, but I did tell her that I would show up at her house if I didn’t hear from her to talk woman to woman. I believe she’s trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame, but why at my expense? I have a life outside of this show. It’s unfortunate that Kim has made me her target. Perhaps it’s because throughout the whole show you don’t see me engaging in any drama like this. What she said was very hurtful. She insulted me as a mother and a wife. She was once a wife and is a mother, so I don’t understand why she would do this.

ESSENCE.COM: Allegedly she’s put out a restraining order against you. Is that true?
I had heard that, but how could she? I’ve never threatened her or laid a hand on her. In fact, last week we did a talk show together and I didn’t say one word to her. Honestly, I really don’t think Kim is dealing with a full deck. She lies constantly. Of course when I asked her about what she said about me not having custody of my kids she denied that she ever said I was a crack whore. [Zolciak denies filing a restraining order.]

ESSENCE.COM: When we last spoke you said that you were a “sparring woman.” Does that mean you’d be willing to get physical?
Would I engage in any physical activity with Kim? Absolutely not. She’s not worth my time. Do I know how to defend myself if I were attacked? Yes. When I said I was a “sparring woman” I simply meant I’ll spar with anyone in the ring. Martial arts teaches you self-control especially when it comes to your emotions. You can’t just react to everything. I would only use it in self-defense. The weird thing is when I spoke to Kim she said, “Lisa, this is water under the bridge.” And then now I find out she’s claiming that she fears for her life. I wonder if all of this was staged. She knows how I feel about my kids and if anyone were to insult them it would strike a nerve. Again, I didn’t threaten this woman and I only made one call to her and absolutely no text messages. If I did, don’t you think they would have shown it on



14 thoughts on “Lisa says “I Never Threatened to Kill Kim”

  1. I really think Kim needs to be checked into the psych ward. She is all sorts of crazy, she does not fit into the show at all, and she is definitely fake. Kick her off of the show.

  2. lisa, i think that you are a classy lady who, like any good mother, will protect her children. kim definitely loves the spotlight and will do what she feels she needs to do to steal the spotlight from anyone else. i think that you are beautiful both inside and out.

  3. “Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
    You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
    And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun..”

  4. Lisa is a doll. I think she is a total sweetheart.
    Keep away from the trash Lisa, keep doing what your doing.

  5. LISA,

  6. Here, here!! I really admire Lisa for her ambition, but I was disappointed that she was the one who spilled the beans about the song. She shouldn’t have said anything about it. What was discussed in the car, should have remained in the car!!! Nothing positive was to come out of her telling Sheree about the song. Quite naturally Sheree would go back and tell Kim; and Lisa had to have realized that – especially knowing that NeNe and Sheree weren’t friends. That is what caused all of the confusion. How is it ever beneficial to ever know when someone is saying something hurtful or negative about you? Nothing positive comes out of it. All it will do is cause feelings of resentment and animosity. It’s not the wisest move; and Lisa should have had enough wisdom and people skills to know that. Kim could have just been getting back at her because she was the “messenger”. It’s not right, but people will do things like that just to be vindictive and keep up confusion! Lisa should have just left it alone!!! I’m on Team Dwight!! You go Dwight with your beautiful feet!!!

  7. I have a concern regarding Lisa. I found her charming and really not a trouble maker on the show. She did tell Sheree about NeNe mocking Kim > but that still was blown out of the water. My concern is how she went from a peace maker to a wicked witch on the reunion show !! She did make a treat to Kim > she came across as a bully !! Yes NeNe does the real talk but Lisa lost her cool!!!! Kim is OK > really to much attention has been paid to her character > it all goes along with staging > Drama > >> Really Makes good watching !!! Gives everyone something to talk about ;o)

  8. Regardless rather she told Sheree or not, she was woman enough to apologize to NeNe and that is what counts. Now, as far as discussing the children are concerned, that is and should be off limits period! Any mother worth her salt, would spank that butt, you do not cross that line about someone’s children. If she was really a bad mother, crack addict and all those things, would she be the successful woman that she is, NO, because Ed would not have married her and neither would Keith Sweat have married her. Think, before you speak, because you may make an ass of yourself.

  9. Lisa you got it going on forget Kim, she is a wonna be let her and Sheree be fake ass friends and you and the other girls keep doing what you do because at the end of the day Kim and Sheree looks Stupid as Hell. God bless you and your family.

  10. Lisa is a trouble maker. She throw the rocks and hide her hands. Yes it will strike a nerver if you talk about someones kids, but I have never seen her on the show calling her kids talking about her kids or anything of that sort. You have to be a piss poor Mom to loose you children anyway. A judge will not take away your children if you are a fit Mother. She want to deemed so classy, but is the worst one of them all. She say she is a Businesswoman, a Producer of Movies, A RealEstate Agent and the list goes on. So can someone explain to me why her house was Foreclosed; Why movie have come out that she has produced?……can anyone out there tell me and exactly what Business do she have that is so successful. The only on the show that have ANY MONEY IS KIM. Call her what you want, but she has never lost her home, she BLINGING harder than any of the Atlanta Housewives.

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