Political roundup….

Bye Condoleeza! Clinton Met With Obama About Role In New Administration
A Democratic official confirms to the Huffington Post that Sen. Hillary Clinton met with President-elect Barack Obama on Thursday to discuss her role in the new administration.

Clinton’s trip to Chicago, described in press reports as “personal business,” came following a request from Obama, the official said.

The New York Senator is reportedly under consideration for Secretary of State, but it is unclear whether she had discussed that position with the transition team before making the trip. “If they told her beforehand, she did not tell her people,” the official said.

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines referred questions to the Obama transition team.

Bill O’Reilly On “Daily Show”: Obama Fears, The Secular Revolution (VIDEO)

Fox news quack Bill O’Reilly stopped by “The Daily Show” Thursday for the first time since the election and stayed two segments. In the first Jon Stewart comforted him about his pre-election fears over Barack Obama, even giving him a stuffed animal to snuggle.

Part 1

Part 2

Palin blames bloggers for her downfall

Glad to do my part, Sarah!

Click here to watch her sqwak!

Also, a strategist for a rival potential presidential rival e-mails to express amusement with Gov. Sarah Palin’s come one, come all PR strategy:

“Fine with us. Let her be the sacrificial lamb for 2012.”

Which means: a lot of the folks who you’d think are angling to run in 2012 are certainly preparing to do so, but they’re looking to and thinking about 2016….

Read the whole story here.


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