Exclusive! Real Housewives‘ NeNe Opens Up About Dad, Kim & Being Called ‘Ghetto’


NeNe Leakes has become most popular among the ladies on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  NeNe chats with PEOPLE about that infamous song she sang about Kim — “I wish I could take it back,” she says — the shocking revelation about her family, the identity of her real father and what she thinks of people who call her “ghetto.”

Do you who know your father is? Is it someone you’ve met?
I know exactly who the person is supposed to be … I could remember in Queens, where we are originally from, I was in the car with [my mother] one day, and I remember she told my siblings they couldn’t go. Just she and I went to the store. And we pulled up and I remember this guy. I don’t remember what he looked like, but that has always stayed in my mind. I remember the person looked at me and it was like she was showing them me. So, the both of them had the secret because he’s the one that went to my family members and said, “I’m really NeNe’s father.” It’s someone that she’s known and they held the secret together because she was in a relationship with Curtis. A lot of people have said that he has a very famous daughter and that the world knows and I look a lot like them. So we may go back into it second season.

How are things between you and Kim and Sheree at this point?
Oh, wow. Well, we are cordial. That’s about it.

Is it hard to keep up that niceness because sometimes on the show you just let loose?
I’ve learned how to act around them. I think of it as business and we’re cordial [but] they better not mess with NeNe. I tell you that. I’m not the kind of girl who can walk in anywhere and just be fake. It’s just not gonna happen. I like to come in, I be myself and they better not mess with NeNe. Honey, they better leave NeNe alone. Team NeNe here!

Where does the animosity between you and Sheree come from?
Sheree and I have known each other the longest of all the housewives. I’ve known her for seven years. And she and I have shared a lot over the years. We traveled together, we double dated with our husbands, our children played together. She and I have hung out, and we’ve shared secrets and our falling out came before the show actually started filming. It had nothing to do with the show and nothing to do with Kim at all. Sheree and I just had a disagreement. It happened maybe about a month before we started shooting.

What was the disagreement about?
I felt Sheree wasn’t being a good friend. I tried to figure out a way to get her out of my life. I have goals every year. When the New Year comes in, I go through my cell phone and delete people out of my contacts if I felt they’ve been negative in my life this year or they bring stress to my life. I don’t want friends that bring stress to my life. I felt Sheree fit in that category and she needed to be deleted.

Can you give us a teaser for what will go down in the upcoming finale and reunion special?
Oh my God. In the finale and in the reunion, all I can tell you is drama, drama, drama! And watch what happens. It was tough for all of us to sit there together and try to work things out, but in the end I think it was successful. It didn’t start off so great but I think it ended up OK.

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive! Real Housewives‘ NeNe Opens Up About Dad, Kim & Being Called ‘Ghetto’

  1. Ne Ne, have you thought about being a singer yourself? you sounded great in the limo, and it’s pretty obvious that you can write songs too! 🙂 i love your honesty, and you seem like a woman of great substance who knows what’s real and what’s fake (wig and all!) LUV U!!!

  2. Love ya girl! Maybe they can throw that skank Kim to the curb and Dwight can be the new “housewive”. I love your gay boyfriend.

  3. Ne Ne you are the truth. Not one time did you say anything behind anyone back. They did not give you time to say it to their faces but when the opportunity presented it’s self you did tell it to their face. You represent for every African-American female out here. I love the fact that you did not let money change you. I also know what you are going through with your father I went through the same thing. God bless you and your family.

  4. Nene, first and foremost, you have a husband and children that love you and you love yourself. Unfortunately, your mother had a secret. Let it go, continue to be you, don’t let family secrets stop you from being you. Girl, I just love the hair cut, it fits you 100%. Stay true to who you are and make that work in your favor.

    God Bless,

  5. Girl NeNe you are the truth if everybody was like you the world would be a better place.That Bitch Sheree is fake as they come I don’t know why she thinks she is sooo damn pretty but guess what she isn’t hell I’m not Atlanta housewife but I’m a wife and I look much better than Her.

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