Kim From “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” sounds horrible!

Check it out for yourself! Horrendous! Even Dallas stopped breathing for a second! Did anyone else catch it when the guy in the sound room took off his headphones??

Here is the recap

EPISODE 5: Out of Tune

Shereé and Lisa let loose at a pole dancing class. Lisa, DeShawn, NeNe and their husbands spend a luxurious evening together at a vineyard to celebrate DeShawn’s 34th birthday. The dinner takes a turn for the worse after NeNe starts to gossip about Shereé and makes up a nasty song about Kim’s music career. Kim and Shereé have a Botox date during which Kim finds out about the song NeNe sang about her, the two bond over mistrust for NeNe. When Kim ignores NeNe during an afternoon of lingerie shopping, the tensions mount and things get ugly.

Kim’s plans for stardom are at stake as Grammy Award-winning producer Dallas Austin sends her to celebrity music coach, Miss Jan. Meanwhile, inspired by DeShawn, NeNe starts her own foundation for battered women, Twisted Hearts. She throws a “Big Hats” fundraising brunch and opens up about her past turmoil to a moved audience. After futile efforts to get NeNe and Kim to talk, DeShawn joins NeNe for a girls’ night where they focus on surrounding themselves with positive people and true friends.


7 thoughts on “Kim From “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” sounds horrible!

  1. Look, Sharee’ was dead wrong for telling Kim that she could sing! She knew she lied right to her face and then turned her against NeNe. That was wrong, and for someone who does not like drama, she sure stirred up the pot with that. She also brought about a divide in the group. That was not right. Lisa and DeShawn are so sweet and genuine. NeNe keeps it real, she should have told Kim to her face she could not sing to avoid drama.

  2. Kim needs a therapist! I almost died when she tried to sing. For a minute I felt really bad for her. What is she teaching her girls with this big papa thing she has going on? She just lives off this man, has unrealistic dreams and adds no value or contributes nothing. Sharee is just an instigator. I like NeNe. She is a little loud and obnoxious but she seems to be the most genuine person on the show. Kim needs to find a career that will add value and self worth to her life. She is living like a high class call girl. That can not build her self esteam in her heart

  3. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is really embarassing for the most part. Sheree acts horish swinging from poles when she should be combing her daughters hair and spending quality time with her instead of starting crap between NeNe and Kim. Kim is insane she has mental issues and the only thing unsanitary is her not wearing panties, her voice sounds like a Mac Truck and she needs to stop waisting Dallas Austins time. NeNe is so funny I love her, she is real and likes to have fun but Lisa carried the Bone back to Sheree whom used it against her to get on Kim’s good side and her dumb ass fell for it. But Lisa and her husband are adorable and classy. The Snow’s are just caught in the middle and are a beautiful family but I see that Sheree is jealous of Lisa and Deshawn. Watch your backs girl she is a snake.

  4. I am a broadway singer. I can not believe Kim believes that hard work has nothing to do with recording in a studio. Professional singers work their entire lives training their voices like tools. Singing scales, learning to read music, breathing exercises, more scales, and lots of hard hard work and training. Kim is pathetic. The way this woman treated her first lesson with the voice teacher was so arrogant! She can not even sing a scale and is tone deaf but she has the nerve to tell the voice teacher, “what does this have to do with recording in a studio”! She is a joke. There are so many talented, hardworking vocal artists out there that deserve to lay down a track with Dallas Austin. This woman is a trashy hooker who smokes a pack a day and drinks wine constantly but she says she is so serious about becoming a singer! Ha. Hate to tell ya sweetie. You can’t smoke a pack a day and sing. She is making a joke out of herself on tv and sleeping with a man for money and connections and I truly feel sorry for her daughters. By the way, cat is not spelled K-A-T and your hair looks like something out of a bad drag show. Ahhh, gotta love Bravo. These shows are a blast.

  5. kim;if your big papa has so much money i hope he guide you to a professional person to give you a good weaver your weaver is embarassing to say the least.i can not believe you are on tv with that hair.

  6. Ladies, Ladies,ladies.First of all NeNe is real and have guts to say and do what she wants, Sheree is a wannabe who thinks the world revolves around her,what success is the world intimidated by? Lisa is asweet person, but don’t trust her no further than you can throw her. Had she not opened her mouth to spill something that NeNe said while she was obvious drunk.Last, Kim, Kim, Kim. Girl you can’t sing. You can’t carry a note in a bucket. And this Big Poppa wants to remain a secret because he doesn’t want anybody to know he is conected to you, haven’t you figured it out, you are a kept woman. Kept in the dark, because he doesn’t deem you worthy to bring to the light.

  7. I just want to clarify that Dallas Austin is not working with Kim Zolciak of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” They ARE NOT doing a song, or album… That was all for TV!!! DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV PEOPLE!!

    ALSO, Brandon Davis is a F@G and he can SUCK ONE!!!

    And don’t forget to buy Dallas Austin’s single, “Exasperated”… That shit is hot!!! F#ck all this shitty @ss music!!! IT’s about REAL MUSIC!! WE ARE BRINGING IT BACK!

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