Give us your thoughts on the show plus Season 1: Episode 4 recap..

I feel like DeShawn got what she deserved and I kind of feel sorry for her at the same time. She has a good heart I think but she tries too hard to fit in a lifestyle that she doesn’t seem comfortable with. It is like she is “new” money and she tries to fit in with the crowd. Whenever she talks about her charity, nothing she says makes you want to find out more about it or make a contribution. It is so vague. The money she spent on the gala should have went to her foundation. She should have had some of the young girls she works with at the party to mingle with the guests and have them talk to the guests about how her foundation has helped them. Most of the people she invited are so wealthy they already have all the stuff she was trying to sell. Poor planning, all about her and not her foundation.

Sheree and Kim both criticize the charity event on camera but not in front of DeShawn. As usual, Lisa is sweet as pie and is the most sympathetic character on the show.

Also, seeds of dissension between NeNe and Kim are sown as Kim cozies up to Sheree. Kim has a spa day in which she tries to bring the two together but NeNe refuses to show up because Sheree is there. We see previews showing the relationship between these two once buds get even worse.

DeShawn, in her blog on the Bravo site, admitted she should have charged tickets but naturally kept it positive and she gives props to her poor hubby:

“Well as you can see I did not reach my goal at the diamond gala! As I mentioned in my last blog, I always reach for the stars. And if I fall, Eric is always there to catch me. As you witnessed, I have a very strong support system. My husband is AMAZING, and I am blessed to have him.”

I recognize that it is more important to try and fail and to learn, then it is to not try at all.

What did you think of the episode? Did DeShawn deserve what she got or do you feel sorry for her?


9 thoughts on “Give us your thoughts on the show plus Season 1: Episode 4 recap..

  1. It was her first time doing it and you could tell. She should have got advice from people that have held similar benefits. Like you I was wondering where the hell are the girls at that she is trying to help. They should have been there looking pitiful so people would of whipped out their check books.

  2. Deshawn has a big heart for these girls and I applaud her in the work she is doing. I also agree that the young ladies who are recipients of the charity should be present at the event. It provides additional credibility to the organization as well as the charity event. I think she is right to learn from this experience and continue to do more events that will help inspire and empower these young women.

  3. I hate how uneducated DeShawn always sounds. Have you noticed she can never pronunce words properly? She’s nice, but I sense something not so nice under the surface. I know I sound harsh, but she acts better than others, yet she can’t talk worth a damn. Shouldn’t some people invest in English classes?

  4. I felt really sorry for DeShawn, she seems really sweet-a country girl. But the women she hangs out with are so out of her league, which isn’t a bad thing. She’s definitely a church girl.

  5. At least DeShawn is using her money to benefit others. I don’t care where she’s from or how educated she is. She is trying to do the right thing for those girls. What do any of the other women do to show their thanks for the gift of wealth they have received? Other than Nene, I see nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats!

  6. I don’t think she got what she deserved,but what I do think is that she didn’t plan the charity event out well because she should have charged her guest in advance so that she would have gotten at least half of the money she was expecting to bring in even a little under half next time she needs someone’s help with the event she’s not ready to plan it on her own. I felt bad for her she looked like she wanted to die. It was in good faith but she need some help with that and what happend to her Pastor and his wife???

  7. Well i feel like people are very criticial of Deshaw, calling her uneducated, country, i fee like she made a huge attempt to raise money for her girls, and like she stated in the episode all things are possible with God, however some things have to go through a process, and a learning expierence before the results are there there that we want. But i would encourage Deshawn to keep being herself and to remember some people aren’t meant to fit in.

  8. I think the show is just entertainment. You knew that there would be some cat fights. We are talking about a bunch of “new money” women. DeShawn is sweet but she has a l ot to learn about business. NeNe is real and they can’t take NeNe. Sheree talks about NeNe just as much as NeNe talks about Sheree, NeNe is just more candid with hers. Lisa is coll but I really don’t think has all that business going on and as for Kim well she put it out there her self. She just wants to be black. And we all knoew Big Poppa was married when he never wanted to be acknowledged on the show.

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