Zane’s Sex Chronicles premiered two weeks ago – Friday, October 10 at midnight ET – with a special one-hour episode, followed by all-new half-hour episodes debuting on subsequent Fridays through December. Have any of you seen it? What do you think if so? If not it comes on again tomorrow night…

Episode 2: “The Barbershop”
Maricruz finds herself attracted to a newcomer, Charles, at Steam. Eboni’s car breaks down, but a handsome stranger rushes to assist her. Ana Marie’s past begins to catch up with her as two men confront her about past relationships. Patience is unsure about her feelings for Greg, and Lyric continues to try to reignite the flame in her marriage.


9 thoughts on “ZANE SEX CHRONICLES on Cinemax

  1. Oh God this show is my guilty pleasure!!! My boyfriend (long distance relationship) and I watch it every Friday night. I can’t believe Buddah from I love NY is on it!

  2. You go girls love the show i have been learning a lot dealing with issues in my relationship and it has taught me some ways to let go and do what my man desire.

  3. I love watching this show. It has taken love-making to a whole new level. It is skillfully done and I can’t wait to meet the man that will be my husband. The situations are ones that can be realated to in everyday life and the actors are well suited for their roles. I just wish there were more shows. I have set my recorder so I don’t miss any shows.

    Very tastefully done!

  4. I love the show. It’s filled with very real sexual situations that I would love to experience. It gives real aspects on relationships and life and I wanna know is there a second season in the making ? Zane definitely needs to continue on with the show and write another book. She’s phenominal !

  5. Man, this is the BOMB! I watch it ever Friday nigth and any other I catch a rerun on. I’m anxiously awaiting the newest episode. This is real and HOTT! I’m loving it. It’s about time we see something sensual for our ethnic sisters and brothers. Tasteful! Exciting! Erotic! When I meet Mr. Right it’s on!!!

    Just when I was about to get rid of Cinemax. Wow!

    Great job Zane and Cinemax! Keep ’em coming.

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