Let’s be real for a moment RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta)

Well the Housewives of Atlanata have definitely got people talking. Thank you for all of your comments negative and positive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I watched last night’s episode and must say I was quite impressed with NeNe’s way of handling the situation with Sheree BUT can she please cover up her tatas you know the clip I am talking about when she is in the “confessional” with the brown tank and her boobies are barely covered.  Also, I noticed that these women boast about their income but NeNe walks around with Target clothes not that there is anything wrong with that but keep it real.  LOL!  Speaking of tatas what was up with Kim and her’s at her daugher’s party who by the way her daughter is a little unappreciative snot waiting to exhale!  DeShawn bores me.  She reminds me of a watered down Justine Simmons.  Lisa was that a dig at Keith Sweat about your first marriage being horrible??


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