Ne Ne????

Ok so I watched the latest episode last night and all I have to say is 1. Why did that woman change into that Barbie outfit outside? 2. Ne Ne SHE DIDNT WANT YOUR GHETTO @SS AT HER PARTY!!!! 3. A cake designed like a Louis Vuitton bag???? I would think at that stage in the money game Sheree that you would have a more classy cake??? Maybe it’s just me but this show is Ghetto!!!!


One thought on “Ne Ne????

  1. The show is truly ghetto…..BUT entertaining! In the midst of all of this chaos in the world, I will definitely tune in to watch it weekly. My TiVo is already programmed. Sheree is so WHACK!! So was her party. She has children running her events. I like DeShawn’s comment though, her people would have taken care of things before it even escalated. And why was security detail inside the party????? Sheree needs to take an event planning class. As for DeShawn’s governess, whatever I found funny, she should have found funny being that DeShawn is the one paying her. Let’s just hope that was the camera holding phase as the woman’s facial expressions were not warranted. Kim, no other words but………SWT! And the verdict is still out on Lisa.

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