Sharon Stone custody battle decided

Sharon Stone lost joint custody of her 8-year-old son Roan. Court documents from a September 12, 2008 hearing indicate that Stone’s ex-husband Phil Bronstein “shall have permanent sole physical custody of child. Court finds that Respondent (Sharon Stone) failed to meet her burden of proof and denies Respondent’s (Sharon Stone’s) request for modification of custody. The judge also notes this order is permanent unless there is a change of circumstances.”

Hmmm I wonder why????


One thought on “Sharon Stone custody battle decided

  1. There so much of this going on I find. I thought and felt like I was the only woman who did not have physical custody of my children. That when I had been and still am an excellent parent and mom to both my kids, I had a judge take her frustrations out on me or knew my ex husband and favored him. This horrible for Sharon. She seems to be decent.

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