Daddy Yankee gives McCain some gasolina

What a fool!   Reggaetón artist Daddy Yankee endorsed Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Monday, citing the senator’s support of Hispanics and his immigration efforts.

The endorsement was announced at a 10-minute event at an ethnically diverse high school in Phoenix where McCain’s wife, Cindy, graduated in 1972.

“I believe in his ideals and his proposals,” said Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramon Ayala.

“He’s been a fighter for the Hispanic community. He’s been a fighter for the immigration issue.”

Some of the 120 students in the room gasped loudly and yelled when McCain introduced the Puerto Rican singer, who became a world celebrity with his song “La Gasolina.”

Daddy Yankee, who hugged girls and shook hands with boys, says he believes McCain is the best person to lead the nation.

The singer is considered an innovator in reggaetón, the catchy form of music from the Caribbean that combines different genres including hip-hop.

According to ABC News, Ayala was also asked what his song “Gasolina” was about.

“It’s about energy independence,” Ayala said, with a laugh.


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