Michelle Obama Speech tonight

Michelle will be the keynote speaker tonight and she must introduce her husband to America. In events like these, it is the political wife’s job to give voice to her pure adoration for her stellar husband—to take the podium and enumerate the reasons she loves her man and why we should love him, too, or at least vote for him. She is our moral guide to the candidate, our vouchsafe for his character. She has famously tended to express her affection for her husband through a boundless capacity to deflate him, with jokes about his morning breath and his habit of forgetting to put away the butter after he makes breakfast. “He’s a gifted man, but in the end, he’s just a man,” is one of her well-known utterances.

Her husband campaigned on a message of hope, while Michelle Obama talked about the realities of American life — the gaps between rich and poor, black and white. She’s publicly criticized the United States as “guided by fear” and “just downright mean.” Now, the woman known as “the rock” in the Obama family will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver with a new message: “One Nation.”

Musical Performance
John Legend (vocals & piano) and accompanied by:
Agape Choir – International Spiritual Center, Culver City, CA
Trans-denominational Spiritual Community founded by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

“No silver spoons, no magic. Just parents who tried their best….”  Michelle Obama


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