Bernie Mac’s TV family attend his memorial service

Bernie Mac’s TV family attended his emotional memorial service in Chicago on Saturday. L to R: Dee Dee Davis, Camille Winbush, Jeremy Suarez and Kellita Smith.

14 thoughts on “Bernie Mac’s TV family attend his memorial service

  1. r.i.p Bernie mac we all miss you dearly and we miss your shows i still cant believe your goin but as everyone else says heaven just got funnier

  2. I so very saden by this. mr mac every day was on my tv, at 3:30 on fx and 5:00 on fox, this was a man with morals and standers. that i value while raiseing my kids. as a man im not ashamed to say i loved this man so much. i cried like a kid when i learned of his death it was like me looseing my dad all over agin dec 7TH 2007. i wonted to meet him one day when i made it in my music. im not a gay dude or nothing like that its i just connected with mr mac. and my 6 kids will come up on his values on his tv show. god i know u new it before we did or he did, but i bet when the rest of the angels saw him comeing they stud and shouted………..THE MAC MAN COMEITH! I KNOW WHO IM WIT!!!!!!!!!!!! MR MAC. i got to go im tearing up. MUCH LOVE TO HIS REAL FAMILY AND HIS TV FAMILY AND GOD BLESS TO ALL

  3. It’s been over a year now. I was just watching a rerun of the bernie mack show….the one where jordan and his friend crash all the bar mitzvahs to get all the free loot…and bryanna is listening in on everybody’s business….i’ve seen it ten times before….but it still makes me laugh out loud…like all of bernie mack’s work made and still make me laugh out loud. I never met bernie mack…but i miss the man. i miss his honest look on the world we live in. i miss the good heart…the rock hard good moral values that came out through all of his comedy….even the off color stuff….he was a treasure. I miss seeing him sit in his chair on my t.v. screen and talk to “america” (me.) often times as i sit there laughing at the final moments of his show…when he was making his last hilarious points on life and the world we all live in….i find a tear running down my cheek. Thank you Bernie Mack…for talking to america and making us realize that we were ALL part of your family…and you a part of ours.

  4. lolzs i wish i was famous oh remeber when bernic mac said do oh big ass dount dat was funny i watch every eposide of bernic mac n everybody hates chris

  5. I’m watching the Bernie Mac Show right now and every morning. I’ve seen these episodes dozens of times and still enjoy them. I miss Bernie Mac and am sorry he is no longer physically here on earth but has been given to the Ages and will live with us forever, like I Love Lucy and other durable shows. I’m so sorry you’re gone.

  6. I was just watching his show on Netflix. I still can’t believe he is gone. I Ioved him and his show so much. I felt as though he were my father. He was truly and amazing person and I’m sure he touched the lives of all of his friends, family, and fans. R.I.P. Mr. Mac. I love you and I will never forget you.

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