LisaRaye And Michale Missick Fight At The Premier’s Mansion

POLICE were called to Premier Michael Misick’s home to break up a brawl which left his wife LisaRaye McCoy needing hospital treatment for bite wounds.

LisaRaye and Michael Mossick were last night involved in a violent confrontation at the Premier of the Turks & Caicos’ mansion.

According to reports the separated couple had the fight in front of a number of other government officials.

Missick was later treated for bites and both have since filed reports against the other.

LisaRaye is currently in TCI to negotiate a divorce settlement but rumours suggest that Missick barred her from staying at the Premier’s mansion.

UPDATE: Lisa releases a statement 08/14/08 3:00 pm

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that my husband and I have separated.

Last night, Wednesday August 13, 2008, an attempt was made by and on behalf of my husband to first prevent my entry into our home and then, later, to make me leave our home by force.

It was necessary for me to receive medical treatment for injuries suffered and in relation to those injuries I shall continue to assist the police force with its enquiries.

Whilst it is my sincere wish to avoid unnecessary conflict, I shall not be intimidated, nor shall those individuals whose job it is to protect and represent me.

I ask that my privacy be respected in these difficult times and I believe that the people of the TCI will understand and support my wish to receive the necessary independent representation from the legal counsel of my choosing. I hope that, in time, the TCI government will come to share that view.

Although I have always been a supportive wife even in light of the very serious allegations currently pending against the Premier, there are limits even for me.

I continue to have the utmost respect for the people of the TCI who have always shown me kindness and support. I vow to continue my work amongst the people of Turks and Caicos Islands.

Until recently I had hoped that I would be able to continue to assist my husband during what will undoubtedly be difficult times ahead for him. I do not wish to have to add to his difficulties.”

LisaRaye McCoy-Misick
First Lady of the Turks & Caicos Islands

Well at least she didn’t use any Ronnie Hoe quotes from Player’s Club! LOL


6 thoughts on “LisaRaye And Michale Missick Fight At The Premier’s Mansion

  1. LisaRaye, is not a very nice person! She is only getting what she deserves! Although Michael should of gotten a female relative or a friend to put LisaRaye in her place. I just hope that she can let this go & know that what goes around comes around. LisaRaye, talks all that sh*t! She just needs to man up & let it go! The people of TCI did not care for her to start with & that is just how the majority feels about her due to her attitude. It’s ok to be confident but full of yourself is just too much! Good luck LisaRaye & I hope you learned from this.

  2. I will be praying for LisaRaye she is a beautiful women. Ladies give her a break. Hold on LisaRaye, Trust in GOD He is your best friend.

    Peace be…

  3. I do feel for her because he was doing her dirty for a while and she finally reached her breaking point. I wonder how her daughter is holding up through all of this. Thank God they didnt have any children together!

  4. I do not feel sorry for someone who has, in the past, had affairs with married men. Or, for that matter anyone who sees dollar signs for their own benefit. She is what she is, “a gold digger”. Oh, by the way, Omarosa was involved with Premier Misick and guess who broke them up? You know the old saying, “what goes around, comes around”. She is so full of herself unlike Miss Black America, Kenya Moore. If you remember, she talked down to Kenya Moore and was very nasty towards her on the TAVIS Smiley Show some years ago. Kenya Moore has class, LisaRaye is trash.

  5. stop hating on her! you sound so ignorant saying a woman thats been beaten got wat she deserved! i honestly think she loved him. she looked happy most of the time atleast! you prove yurself to be jealous of her y saying things like that. get over it

  6. hoes need 2 stop hateing on ms lisa raye i think yall hoes just got BEEF and for that you need to go to winn dixie or walmart…… get off her pussy

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