Beyonce’s New L’Oreal Ad

This is funny because Loreal knows damn well that is a wig!!! Very deceiving Loreal and Beyonce!!!!


L’Oreal did not lighten Beyonce Knowles’ skin tone in a recent ad contrary to speculation, a rep for the company told on Thursday.

“It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria hair color,” the rep said in a statement.

“Beyonce Knowles has been a spokesperson for the L’Oréal Paris brand since 2001. We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles.”

The ad for L’Oreal Paris’s Feria hair color, which is featured in this month’s issue of Elle magazine, shows the “Crazy in Love” singer with windswept dark blond hair and what appears to be a paler complexion.

The 27-year-old star, known for roles in films like “Dreamgirls” and “The Pink Panther” and songs like “Irreplaceable,” is currently filming “Obsessed,” with Ali Larter and Christine Lahti, and working on a new album.


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