CNN Presents Black in America: The Black Man

You can click here or click on one of the links below in case you missed it. The ones with video cameras are from the show. The ones without are articles from various sources.  I have no comment on this because I did not watch it yet.  I will watch it over the weekend and then give my opinion.  I will say this though… Who is the target audience for this?  At times it seems like would this be a topic for review if Obama was not running for President?

Being black can mean being a suspect
Hip hop is positive influence on young man’s education
Michael Eric Dyson: Me and my brother and black America
Black man vs. white felon: Who’s more likely to get hired?
T.J. Holmes: No, I don’t play for the 49ers
Carl Bernstein: Growing up segregated
Spoken word poet Jon Goode gives voice to black America
Lou Gossett Jr.: Wasting energy on racism
Soledad O’Brien: Shopping while black in America | Let’s talk Why Soledad O’Brien, Barack Obama and others are black
Bishop T.D. Jakes: My son doesn’t want to get ‘blacker’
Behind the Scenes: Inside San Quentin’s University Project
Jami Floyd: Black men we hear about and those we know
Against all odds: School offers hope, opportunity for young men
Bootsy Collins: I love being a brother
Dick Gregory on growing up poor and the struggle to end segregation
Loop Dreams: Rapper Kanye West battles the high school dropout rate
At 112, Alabama artist still going strong
Rapper Nas won’t use the n-word for title of his new album
I AM: Marvin Perkins is best kept secret in Mormon church
I AM: Maurice Ashley is first, only black International Grand Master Chess champ
New crop of black activists makes impact in blogosphere
Essence: Extreme Lockup: Why are so many children treated like criminals?
Analysis: Obama a symbol of progress, change
Obama crosses historic milestone
Commentary: Obama nomination gives ‘goose bumps’
Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy to help integrate Ole Miss
Essence: R. Kelly Rebuked: Black men sign a petition denouncing the singer
Black presidents nothing new to Hollywood
Commentary: Why Americans can’t get over race
White valedictorian: A first for historically black Morehouse
NAACP names youngest president in 99-year history
CNN HBCU Tour: Students share what it means to be black in America
HBCUs, business leaders help groom future entrepreneurs
Essence: Experts discuss greatest challenges for black Americans in 2008 Morehouse student wins HBCU student contest
Radio host Michael Baisden on black radio in America How black radio found its voice

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