Black in America: The Black women and family

Did anyone watch this last night. You can click here or click on one of the links below in case you missed it. The ones with video cameras are from the show. The ones without are articles from various sources.

Black and single: Is marriage only for white people? | Black men respond
DNA provides clues to family’s African ancestry The Rand family’s black and white cousins meet for the first time
Keeping it real: Sisters and brothers talk about modern love and marriage Why Soledad O’Brien, Barack Obama and others are black
Soledad O’Brien: Shopping while black in America
Lola Ogunnaike: Italian Vogue says black is the new black
Expert: Recessions often ‘demonstrably worse” for black Americans
Volunteers save high-school dropouts one student at a time
Essence: Women of war share their courageous stories from combat
Interactive: Vanessa Williams, Whoopi Goldberg talk about what it means to black
Angela Burt-Murray: Black women consider interracial relationships
Black hair: Long, short, natural, permed, locked or braided
Tatsha Robertson: Education is No. 1 issue for black America
Jury: Black community denied water for decades
Woman beats poverty, aims for her Ph.D.
I AM: Author Bliss Broyard’s father kept his race a secret
I AM: Barbara Hillary is the first black woman to reach the North Pole at age 75
Aggressive, drug-resistant breast cancer affects black women
Teens from single-parent, female-headed households defy the odds
Essence Music Festival: A festival of empowerment
Essence: Extreme Lockup: Why are so many children being treated like criminals?
Lynya Floyd: Why are so many black women single?
Obama calls absent black fathers to task
Essence: Black women whose roles shape the 2008 presidential campaign
Commentary: Why Americans can’t get over race
CNN HBCU Tour: Students share what it means to be black in America
Young People Who Rock: Rissi Palmer is changing the face of country music
Celebrities talk about what it means to be black in America
HBCUs, business leaders help groom future entrepreneurs
Essence: Experts discuss greatest challenges for black Americans in 2008
Wounds still linger for children of civil rights activists
‘Call My Name’ adds color to AIDS quilt Morehouse student wins HBCU student contest


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