Kim Porter gets new reality show

Lifetime has given the green light for a reality series featuring Kim Porter, ex-partner of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and mother to three of his children. The unnamed show will follow Kim as she adjusts to new life as a single mother in Los Angeles. Actor Blair Underwood is tapped to produce the series.


16 thoughts on “Kim Porter gets new reality show

  1. I think it will be an interesting show. I already have a group of friends who have planned to meet whatever the night the shows airs to watch everyweek – we have decided to make it girls night out away from the hubbies and kids. I think she is beautiful and definately underated. Have a ball Kim!!!

  2. When I mentioned to the captain of the Hip Hop Fever Promotions, L.L.C. that Kim Porter is about to have her own reality TV show, he said, “I bet you that her favorite guide is The Female Baller’s Handbook by Ronnell ‘Chewy’ Coombs?” It seemed to him and me that she read a chapter out of that guide and followed it instructions. Simply, because this guide emphasizes for women to sell a product, even if that product is your life story. Kim is doing exactly that. She’s selling her story. Her story is compelling and people will clearly want to watch it. Way to go Kim. Keep it up!

    For all the ladies that want to come up but don’t have the idea on how to come up, read the hottest get money guide, The Female Baller’s Handbook. It is available at Don’t wait! Act now! When the opportunity is available, grab it by its forelock before it slips you by and you regret it.

    Chris Manny

  3. Stupid stupid stupid. Wh the hell she thinks ppl wanna c how she lives?
    Puffu writes her a check 4 his 3 seeds, & she thinkg we wanna c how she DOESNT spend it on Christian,Jessie, Dlila?

  4. Great idea “Girls Night Out”. I will plan an evening with the girls so that we come out and support Kim Porter and All the single females raising children/babies without a husband.

    Kim I hope you get paid on this project. You have conducted yourself as a class act.

    Keep the faith!

  5. I think this show is disgrace to all the real single mothers in the world.
    What single mother has a nanny, lives in the best homes and have two well off fathers for their children.

  6. Puffy is taking care of his child with sarah but its obvious he’s not comfortable showing that baby to the public.

  7. I hate her. I had to work with her in Atlanta and she is a really mean lady. She was very rude to me when I went to her house and when it was time for me to leave she didn’t even bother to walk me to the door. She just insulted my “little hobby” as she called it and walked upstairs. Her house smelled like weed and had dust everywhere!

  8. Honestly why should someone get a reality show for spreading their legs and putting them beind their ears. SERIOUSLY! What is this world coming too? On top of it she’s a B big time, I have heard her in interviews give me a a break. These people are losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show women that actually accomplish something that other girls can strive for. This is a realty show for teaching kids how to prospect for gold and lay on their backs as a career.

  9. I know one thing when she was working with uptown recording she got puffy in the door and he stay with her in New York when that Diddy couldn’t afford rent in NYC so she help that Puffy out alot and plus our family been had money and land before we new about Puffy so she truly is the #1 paid baby mama in world so don’t hate cause ur man can’t pay child support.

  10. I love these kind of shows, she is v beautiful…it be def interesting to watch, its a pity Kim porter only known for ”diddy’ baby mother..but at the same time she’s created this life for herself..she’s made her bed so ”lie in it” so to speak.

    best wishes for the show Kim

  11. I can see Kim having a reality show. I will most definently watch it. So what if she has had all of her children out of wedlock. There are very few of us that care enough to have a husband. I would love to be in her shoes but, in addition to be wifey.

  12. STOP BASHING!!!!! She has done a lot beside have babies by Diddy, she’s a daughter first of all, then she’s a model, you haven’t seen the black product with her face all on it. (look for it hater’s). This show will be a good show for all females to watch. Take your child support and try to sprnd it wisely, who told you to have a babies by dead beat dad

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