Al Reynolds is speaking out!

Al Reynolds is speaking out on YouTube about his split from Star Jones and defending his heterosexuality in an all-new interview, and we have your sneak peek! Tell us what you think about what he has to say and your comments may end up on “The Insider” on TV tonight!

In the bombshell sit-down posted Tuesday, Reynolds says, “I am not a homosexual … We’ve got to separate the gossip from the facts, and that’s why I’m doing this interview.” He then says “he is still “very sad” about the breakup with Star and still breaks down at times. “I still wear my ring. It hasn’t settled in yet.” He said he fell deeply in love with the daytime TV co-host and calls his wedding “the most exciting day of my life.”

Addressing the issue of sponsorship of the wedding, Reynolds said he was not aware of the endorsements at the time and that if he had known, would not have participated in the deals.

He said media reports were not correct for portraying him as a person who was not contributing to the marriage partnership. He said he had a successful career on Wall Street for 10 years and that “Star and I made a decision that I would leave my career in banking and help her.”

Reynolds said he could not provide details of the prenuptial agreement he signed with Star due to a confidentiality clause that goes along with it.

When asked if he and Star were currently on speaking terms, Reynolds said “It saddens me, but we’re not.” “Our relationship is a little tender and hopefully over time we can heal a lot of that, and we can become friends again.”

Tune in to Tuesday’s “Insider” for more with Al!


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