Usher and Son

Here is a snippet of Usher’s interview with Hill Harper from Essence Magazine. His son is adorable…

Usher sat down with actor and author Hill Harper to talk about the ups and downs of being married, the choices he’s made, putting God first, and his ultimate purpose: being the best father he can be to his baby boy, Usher Raymond V.

HILL HARPER: In the last year, you got married and you’ve had a baby. Which has changed you more?
They’re both linked—I can’t have one without the other. But the one thing that changed me the most is having a wife. Our child is an extension of that union.

Because now I represent what he is to become. He’s gonna admire me, he’s gonna look up to me. He’s gonna say, “I wanna be”—or he should say—”I wanna be like my father. I wanna be a man of valor. I wanna possess what my father has as a man.” To get married was a choice. To have a child is a responsibility.

HARPER: Does that new responsibility challenge you to make music that is more responsible?
I started making Here I Stand before I had my son and before I was married. It was a deliberate choice to make music with substance, not just about the things that we’re accustomed to—music about being the celebrity, the player, or having the car, the girl and the bling.

HARPER: Your father wasn’t around to raise you. How do you plan to be different for your son than your father was for you?
Just simply being there. I don’t judge my father because I forgave him for anything he’d ever done to hurt me unintentionally. My father and I had a very short amount of time together throughout my entire life, but the most valuable time was during his final days. He asked me to forgive him for not being there. He asked me to give him a chance, give him a shot because he loved me, and he had always loved me. But it was very difficult for him to be in the situation he was in and be the example he wanted me to follow. So he intentionally stayed away. And he was kept away from me too. He didn’t like it, but he didn’t fight it because he knew he wasn’t living right.



6 thoughts on “Usher and Son

  1. I am soo happy, but jelousy, my son was born March 8th 2008, 7lbs, 10oz, @ 10:31 a.m. And his father, decided not spend time with him AT ALL!, but that is his decisison, I call once a month to ask him if he want to see him, his reply is always busy or he have other childern and neices and nephews, but that is his lost. God, he is our provider, so usher, you be there no matter WHAT! because they didi not ask to be here. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! MANY BLESSINGS

  2. Thats a wonderful thing….becoming a father. The father of my first child was a hot ass mess, let alone the fool had another baby only 6 hours later in the room beside of me! It was hurtful, but when I met my husband, my daughter was 6mos old. He bonded with her instantly, and we now have another child who needed a lil extra love and care due to low-birth weight. Thru it all, he has been wonderful and so RESPONSIBLE. Thank you Usher for being part of a movement…black men stepping up and doing what they should. You look like you are having fun too!!! Once again, congrats.

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