Real Housewives of Atlanta confirmed!

Well you loved (or loved to hate) them in Orange County, then New York City, and now the Real Housewives are coming to Atlanta! The series will follow the lives of five women:

Sheree Whitfield
Single socialite Whitfield, a resident of the exclusive Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, juggles her busy home life with a packed social calendar. She is a busy working mother to three children — Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield prides herself on her fashion sense, and owned her own upscale clothing boutique — Bella Azul — for years before closing up shop to focus on her next business venture, a clothing line called “She by Sheree.”

NeNe Leakes
Leakes resides in the upscale Sugarloaf area of Atlanta with her husband Gregg, a successful real estate investor and business consultant, and their two sons, 18-year-old Brice and nine-year-old Brentt. Leakes donates her time to various foundations and is the founder of The Twisted Hearts Foundation, which brings awareness to domestic violence against women. Leakes also hopes to open a luxury boutique hotel in the very near future.

Kim Zolciak
Kim is single (but happily dating) and lives in an exclusive gated townhouse community in Duluth, GA with her two children, 11-year-old Brielle and six-year-old Ariana. She also has her sights set on fame in the music business as a country singer, and is currently working with Grammy award-winning mega-producer Dallas Austin and will begin recording an album later this year.

DeShawn Snow
Snow and her husband Eric, captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently moved to their dream home in Alpharetta, GA. Mother to three boys — nine-year-old EJ, six-year-old Darius and five-year-old Jarren, Snow is an active member of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. She exercises her faith by running The DeShawn Snow Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on improving self-esteem in teenage girls. She is a regular on the Atlanta social circuit and extremely active in local philanthropy, sitting on the board of three different charities.

Lisa Wu Hartwell
Hartwell, a resident of a luxurious country club community in Duluth, GA, is a busy career woman who wears many hats — she owns her own real estate firm, Hartwell & Associates, a jewelry line called Wu Girls, a baby clothing line, Hart 2 Hart Baby, and juggles budding acting, modeling, and writing careers. She’s a devoted wife to her husband, NFL player Ed Hartwell, and their three children 13-year-old Jordan, ten-year-old Justin and one-year-old EJ.

Check back soon for more info on the ladies and the new season!

source: Bravo


182 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Atlanta confirmed!

  1. This shit is not even real….. I cant wait for it to air because then the truth and the embarrasment will come out. All these Bitches is not balling, some are lieing they ass off. It’s easy to look like you balling in Atl. This is going to be real funny. After you watch this shit…stay tuned to Whistle Blowers!!!!!!

  2. Im pretty sure they are balling. I just saw Kim Zolciak in Lenox mall, she had 3 different consultants in Neimans and her children had one as well. She dropped a ton of money and then left in her Bentley convertable….. Yeah, that’s balling anywhere not just in Atlanta.

  3. Well, I just saw the preview and I am like…damn I been slipping. Gotta marry rich and have babies fa sho!

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  5. This show continues to get horrifyingly worse with every city. The first show of Atlanta housewives was my last to watch. If anyone thinks that living in this manner automatically makes you an important person, then you are living in a vacuum. These people are vapid and vacuous. They have no real purpose in life other than to feed their own bloated egos. Important people are people such as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Barack Obama, Mother Theresa and anyone else who is making a positive change to the world. People who feed their egos like these ladies will only implode later on in life because all of their name brand possessions mean absolutely nothing. And…. they make themselves look shallow and very stupid. I am glad I am not like this. Buy your Gucci asses off bitches; I would rather take the high road. It is a much happier place and I would rather be an enlightened individual; it is a much more interesting place to be. Television executives need to do everyone a favor and quit highlighting this selfish, egotistical behavior. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

  6. I watched the preview of the show and could not believe the actions of these women. If you are purposively a respectable person in the city of Atlanta, why would you demean yourselves this way? Do you realize you are representing your church as well as your husbands and some of you, even your businesses….who do you feel will use your services after this show airs????? NOT PROFESSIONALS!!!… and the fact that you were entertaining strippers…what does the Bishop at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church think of his members acting this way…. I have to ask, did they think of their families or anyone else in their lives before they said Yes to being on this show or did they just think of themselves.

  7. I also just saw the first show…most of those woman (and I use that term loosly), only have what they have because of the “man” they married – or better yet…got pregnant from!!! And don’t even get me started on that Kim chick (the only white girl), she has a “BIG PAPA” that she calls to buy her a car???…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT….you might as well say that your a PROSTITUTE…what an embarrasement to her children..those poor little kids have to go to school and listen to what the other kids have to say about their mommy!!! Any chick can get what they have….just marry a man in the sports industry or an old fart who has half a brain left! duh

  8. Where to begin, where to begin… I’ll start with Lisa.

    She’s the only ‘sane woman’ on this show. She at least seems to have her act together and I find her likable. I just wonder WTH made her do this show. And even better question is why the hell is she hanging around these broads?

    NeNe, omg! Heal yourself. Public television isn’t the place to sort out who is and who isn’t your father. I suspect she has bigger fish to fry and has no business on television. Her husband seems nice enough but I wouldn’t want to come home to her big mouth.

    Kim, lol. Why girl, why? Big Papa? I can’t determine if he’s her sugar daddy or her pimp. I feel really sorry for her children. From what I can tell, she’s not gainfully employed so I can’t help but wonder about the example she’s setting for her daughters.

    DeShawn is okay. I don’t think she’s someone I could get along with personally, though. The scene with the governess (or whatever) and her daddy’s Bailey/vodka was awkward.

    Sheree’ is probably the most pretentious of all the ladies. If you are fabulous, it speaks for itself. You don’t have to keep reminding us that you are fabulous. Big eyeroll with her.

  9. Here we go again having to be subjected to the antics of those who have found no better purpose in life but to flaunt their riches and attempt to make others feel less than who they are because of their status in life.

    You women are a bunch of sad idiots

  10. Well on the other hand with me being a very young lady with high aspirations and dreams in life, I feel these women have reached what they want in life and I know for sure it was not walk in the park. They actually inspire me, espeically my number #1 Role Model, Mrs. Vickie from OC. I tend to look at the women as a place where I plan to be in life soon, so its good to watch this show recieve game from them and try to not make the mistake they made, so I can be a head of the game at an early age instead of enjoying my success once I hit mid-thirties. I love the women for the simply the choices they make.

  11. Stop the haten LADIES!!!!!!!
    Because if Bravo ask any of you to do the show u would of jump right on it. And most of the chicks on all the other housewives shoes are either lame, actin, and or borin im glad that bravo stepped there game up and got some real women. another thing bloggers keep claiming that these ladies are actin rich and its kind of hard to act rich while u live in an 8 million dollar house. i know one of the wives personally and from wht i saw the other night she was being real!!! we have to keep in mind that the show is edited to keep us in tuned so lets hold our judgment till later.

    Sheree seems to be a real chick and shes hot!!!! She aint takin no shit !!

    Lisa seems cool as well down to earth.

    Nene is a hot mess who is she i think shes a dude too!!!

    Deshawn is ballin her man been in the NBA for a long time so i wouldn t question her wealth at all. Wonder how she’ll act

    Kim is crazy who the hell is big papa she did write a check for 65000 thats crazy i wonder if it bounced

  12. OK…DAME DASH…first of all, I highly doubt you were at any of those chicks homes…that is a joke in it self, just like the show…hahaha. Second of all…you just proved my point about these woman…Kim is obviously a well paid hooker/prostitute/whatever….and most of the other ones are married to an athlete (which makes them rich automatically, and not from anything they’ve done, other than marry a rich guy), and the other one that’s married to an old fart…she obviously married him because she knew that he is going to die waaaay before she will and she’ll be rolling in his dough!!! hahahaha
    listen…I’m not a hater, I just think that since Bravo has had two “housewifes” show (with no black woman)..they probably heard complaints left and right asking…”why don’t you have black woman on your show???” And so, they felt the need to do an all black woman show (with the exception of Kim, who is total trash anyway). The problem is…they are making these black woman look ridiculous and trashy. I wonder if they (Bravo) did this on purpose to make these woman look like fools on TV infront of America. If you watched the other “housewifes” shows, you’ll notice that Bravo didn’t make any of those woman look as trashy as they are doing with the housewifes from Atlanta….what a joke, if I were a black woman I’d be pissed as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i’m just embarrassed to be an Atlanta native. I don’t want the whole country to think this is all Atlanta women have to offer. And yes, who would patron any of these businesses (Lisa and Sheree) after watching this show. BTW, Sheree’s ex-husband is a really great guy!! Really funny!

  14. I don’t see why everyone is all up in arms, offended and so taken aback by what the next person is doing. We are all entitled to our opinions, but saying disparaging things about people you don’t even know is ridiculous. NO ONE is perfect. So what if someone is not gainfully employed or married a baller and that’s the only reason she’s rich? That is thier perogative. Hopefully they are studious enough to be able to take care of themselves if they find themselves alone. Many women are capable of taking care of themselves. But if you have a husband/man that is willing to take care of, and spoil you and that suits your lifestyle why the hell not? Are you supposed to not accept it because people who don’t know you from a can of paint will sit around and judge you on a blog?

    For the people who are so called embarrassed to be Atanta natives as a result of the show, you should lighten up. Five women do not represent one city as a whole, and anyone who thinks they do is ignorant.

    And last but not least. It’s entertainment people. People like to see excess, luxury, and material things. Why do you think shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV Cribs, etc were and are so successful? Because people watch. Be it ridiculous or not. Shows like Real Housewives are nothing but an extended version of Cribs, with details of their daily lives involved. It’s just entertainment folks.

  15. I have one thing to say if Kim has sooooo much money why the hell does her hair look like shit????? Barbie doll hair looks good on BARBIES!! All that money and you could buy a good wig??? Isn’t it usually black women that wear weaves? Their hair all looked great! Damn, big papa must not be able to see very well if he missed that hair piece coming from a mile away! Secret why because he is 100 or because he is married?

    She obviously doesn’t pay much attention to her “best friends” as she called her children…maybe children should be left off the show??? OR do they help turn the trick??? Make it easier to stomach?

  16. I know who “Big Popa” is….trust me it’ll come out by the end of the show…
    After watching this it’s pretty clear that new money does NOT equal class…

  17. Check out “Kimberleigh Zolciak” on the Gwinnett County court site. Her divorce from Dan Toce is on there as well as a speeding (criminal violation). Further research shows a 70-year-old Dan Toce lived in the same towns Kim did in CT. Can you say alimony, child support, gold digger? If this site doesn’t link up, just go to the and search by Zolciak, then look for Kimberleigh. Looking up “Kimberleigh Zolciak” on Google, I also came up with a resume listing all her “credits” and age of 26, weight of 120 pounds (?), etc. What a character.


  18. So, who is Big Papa?

    Ashley are you saying that Kim’s ex is 70 years old? Wow.

    Unless we are being hoodwinked (and that entirely possible with the RH series), it seems that Sheree’ picks on NeNe throughout the series. If that is true, why in the world would someone with so much class do such a thing?

  19. Big Papa is married this is his reason for not wanting to filmed!
    Sheree thinks she is hot stuff and looks like a man more that NeNE does!
    Sheree IN PERSON LOOKS LIKE A BODY BUILDER slow down on the workout you look too manly especially in the face.
    Sheree dates drug dealer, ball player whom ever she thinks has big pockets.
    NeNe is a hot mess but I do like her openess.
    Deshawn there are NO words to describe my dissapointment with you (GOVERNESS) SHAME ON YOU you need to put this money away when he divorces your FAT ASS.

  20. I watched the preview. So far the only interesting thing that I saw was what looked like a very large Louis Vuitton handbag on Kim’s sofa or chair. Anybody know what the handbag was and where did Big Papa get it? I must have one.

  21. I just saw this God-awful show today and its appalling. I agree that Bravo probably caught a lot of flack for never showcasing wealthy Black women, but where did they find this bunch? It seemed to be a new-age minstrel show, with the obligatory White woman for validity! I feel Bravo intentionally sought out these jackasses…especially Sheree and NeNe (can you say Jerry Springer Show). In an age where people cannot afford to buy medicine, fill up their cars, or keep the bank from foreclosing on their home, this tale of wastefulness and ignorance is a travesty. Bravo, you should be ashamed.

  22. Count me confused. If a woman is single, how can she be described as a “housewife”? Unless, I suppose, she is married to her house, in which case, she’s doing a lot of cheating. And real? Doesn’t real in some way correspond with what the majority perceives as real? Clueless, I am.

  23. My wife and I watched this show the other night and were rolling. First, Sheree is a wana be I see why she’s going through a long divorce. Trying to maintain her lifestyle of wastefulness. She thinks she is sooooo beautiful, she looks like a man. Second, NeNe……..Uh let’s see……She gives a new meaning to the words “New Money”. How about “No Money”. Her ass is ghetto as hell, loud and disrespectful. And you can tell she ain’t never had shit. Third, Kim?? token white girl. Wasn’t any black women on the other shows and her ass ain’t even married. “WTF” Fourth, DeShawn, how can I sum this one up? Let’s see…..”Lazy” Her ass don’t work or anything and she needs an estate manager, cook, house keeper, nanny, ect. ect…. what the hell is she going to be doing?? Someone needs to tell her ass that her husband is nearing the end of his NBA career and she will not be able to maintain that lifestyle forever. And Fith, They should have found more women like Ms. Lisa. She is classy, holding her own and represents what the ATL houwives should be. Damn Bravo what the hell were you thinking??

  24. I know Lisa personally, and even though we’ve not been in contact for a few years, I can say that she is indeed a real person. She was previously married to Keith Sweat, and never did she try to ride on his fame to make a name for herself. She’s always tried to be independent and make her own money – even though Keith always had a problem with that. She was a great mother to his sons, but yet he fought her in court and took them away, all over jealousy and greed…he didn the same thing to the mother of his girls…and by the way…HIS MOTHER is the care giver. He’s barely around.

    I’m glad that Lisa found Ed. She deserves every onuce of success right now, because she earned it!

  25. I know Lisa personally but wish to remain nameless.

    This comment is directed at JD
    She doesn’t even have custody of her own children, true they visit her and Ed often but she doesn’t even have them, she also divided Keiths family with all of her lies. Keith couldn’t “take” them from her he was “granted” the kids by a judge who felt she was unfit. She is out and about and if she is such a good concerned mother you’d think she’d be dedicating her time to try and get her children back….
    And as for her being so independent and making her own money, Keith backed the money for her failed production company (link to court documents below)

    2. Her “businesses” that she has are not lucrutive at all, show me over a dozen people that own clothing from her lines or stores… Show me an analysis on how many homes her real estate firm has sold. Because people have a business license and website doesn’t mean they have a successful business or a business at all. Anyone can have cards made and a website made that they have a prestige party planning company and in actuality have no bottom line revenue from this “prestige” company.

    3. Viewers please do not allow this show to fool you…… they are living comfortable but not balling by no means. Lisa has been in school all of her adult life – and that is real, she has no executive experience, is an unfit mother in my opinion.

  26. I too saw the preview and must say. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THIS SHOW COMES ON!!! Am I a ghetto fabulous, golddigger???? No, I am married to NFL player for the NY Jets and we are financially sound, but through all the issues with the economy, fighting hard to get Obama elected and other issues of the world, we could all use some entertainment! My take on the ladies is this…. Lisa, is cool and more of a modern day wife. She keeps her own thing going and therefore doesnot really need Ed to support her, he at this point really needs her. She is doing her thing and making it happen, but saying she lost her kids in a custody battle leaves questions to my mind. What could she have been doing or have done to lose her kids to her x-husband…..hmmmm. I won’t judge that one, but with Ed Hartwell’s career being somewhat over, let’s see how long that marriage last, because as you can see Keith Sweat is really not making much money these days. Sheree is indeed a has been and trying to rest on what she once was, GORGEOUS. She is obviously on a slight case of steroids and needs to back off a little bit. She seems bitter about her divorce and feels the need to be a bitch to try in relish in what she once had with her husband. He is the nicest man and that divorce was due to her bad attitude, and yes, some of his cheating ways….Therefore, she is desperately seeking a settlement of 7 figures. Face it, he is no longer playing anymore so I doubt that will happen. So I pray her career takes off with her clothing line. DeShawn, she has been with her husband since college and has now only put on weight as time has went on. She really should hire a trainer and a nutritionist as she has put on a great deal of weight. Her and her husband, however do live that type of lifestyle, do have various charities and do have the money to live that way (I know them personally). The money they have is over years of Eric playing in the NBA. DeShawn is really down to earth and what you see is what you get. She at times can be “light” in the head, but she is really a sweet person. Kim, well……….she is definitely as my husband would call it….looking for a meal ticket. She is a poor example as a mother to her children and really needs to get it together. Her spending is out of control, Big Poppa is married and cannot be seen on TV or he will lose everything to his BLACK WIFE….Yes, Big Poppa is black but what you see is not what you get. He is not paying for all of her luxuries. Alot of what she purchases is from her alimony and child support payment from her ex-husband. That is why she hasn’t married because if she does, she can kiss that alimony payment goodbye! Now onto NeNe……GHETTO FABULOUS!! NeNe is a former stripper who came across Greg and rocked his world in the bedroom. He gives her everything because he thinks he would have a hard time trying to find someone to freak him out the way she does. She is tacky and the other ladies really don’t care to much for her. She is reallly not their cup of tea, which is obvious. So her being real, is just really her being her tacky, ghetto fabulous self.

    Please believe what I tell you, to all of you who think that this lifestyle is pathetic and vain. You would love to be in our shoes. The only issue that wives of athletes have is that we are making sure that we set ourselves up financially to live comfortably for the rest of our lives in case of early retirement, unexpected injury or divorce. Other than that, we keep our bodies tight, homes lavish, our children well kept and our husbands happy and well fed. It’s a hard job, but we thank God we were blessed to do it!!

  27. I think Sheree is too into herself, and that much ego is best saved for someone of success, such as Kimora Lee Simmons (spelling?). She has no style, and she is not anything special.

    Lisa seems like the only one who does anything except laze around, or go shopping. I think she is smart, independent, but maybe too type A?

    Deshawn, she does not need a household like the one she has.
    She is lazy, and needs to take care of her kids. She is not no queen, so she does not need an estate ran like a royal palace.

    NeNe, girl is ghetto, most defiantly, and seems to butt heads with Sheree.
    They need to have a smack DOWN! I think her husband is afraid that she will kill him if he left her, but she seems funny. haha

    Kim, Kim has no talent. She’s a total gold digger, with a shopping problem, and she doesn’t look too pretty, but hey, I guess Big Poppa likes to get his fix off a white, goofy drag queen.

  28. There’s no way Kim is 26. We went to high school together (class of 96) so she has to be at least 29 going on 30 this year.

  29. This show is turning into my guilty pleasure. First let me lay out some basic facts:
    1. Upper class folks dont call themselves “Upper Class” They just are
    2. Folks with alot of money dont pay for things in cash
    3. They dont name drop…because there is no need to
    4. They dont talk about not having a “budget”
    5. And they dont call their assistants an entourage

    Now with that being said here is my take on the ladies

    Lisa: She seems to be the smartest of the bunch. She is trying to build a brand, and actually goes to work. I will not question who in the hell dates for 2 months and then gets married, and has a baby 6 months later. This is the first I have heard about her having kids with Keith Sweat, but if its true (as it seems to be) why is she acting like this was her first child?

    Nene: is ghetto, she is loud, and aint use to shit! However, she is the realest. From the begining she is the only one who pretty much acknowledges that she is a gold digger. I dont doubt the rumors that she was a stripper. The rest of the ladies may not have the stripper background, but they might as well.

    Kim: What more can be said about her? What “classy” woman would date a man who did not want to be known as their man? Its the same as going to a restaurant and the man requesting the back table by the kitchen, so that he wont be seen with her. And changing at the Shell? Your stylist is Mickey Mouse for even choosing such a horrible dress. As a self proclaimed fashionista, a label does not make an ugly garment cute. Poor thing. Kim comes from nothing and she thinks material things make her something. As evidenced by calling the dealership and trying to make a big deal about her unknown Big Poppa boyfriend. Honey if you are going to buy a car, go buy it. She did that for one reason and one reason only, she wanted them to treat her like “something” when she walked through the door. If you dont get this please go back to fact numero uno at the top.

    DeShawn: Seems like she maybe ok, if she was not on TV. I say that for one reason, who in the hell does not know how to make up a bed? By her own admission she said that “she knew would always be something”. Which means that you know what it is like not to have much. That whole governess meeting looked uncomfortable for the damn lady. Her husband upstaged her by reminding her what guest get when they come into your home. I have a tip for that lady, go find a family who is use to having a professional house staff. The explanation about the potatoes and chef made DeShawn look dumb. It also confirmed that this woman was on higher level, and had dealt with a different type of clientele.

    Sheree: (Sigh) She is setting herself up not to get anything from this divorce settlement. The first thing I would argue is that she makes her own money and could provide sufficiently for herself. Furthermore if she was not paying for her entourage maybe she would not need such a large settlement. As for her actions, well they are reminiscent of high school. I use to work in high end retail and Sheree is the type of woman that every sales person dreams of. Her esteem is low, and all you have to do is make her feel like it is exclusive and expensive and they will pay for it. That girl made one hell of a comission that day. I think Sheree appears to be in great physical shape, but she looks much older than 38.

    Notwithstanding the comments, I will be watching! This show is going to be like no other season. My only gripe is, that I wish Bravo had choose some ladies who made their own money. Sadly I do not think that these women represent Atlanta’s best. The ladies follow the sad stereotype that the only way african americans have money as by being an athlete or marrying one. Even Nene, although her husband is not a athlete they represent the typical old man, younger woman thing. I would have liked to seen the real estate moguls, the business men and women, the lawyers, and other people who have made their money in a way that people dont typically associate blacks and wealth. But then again, they would have never signed up for this.

  30. Lisa, seems like she is a little tacky and keeps the drama going! She wore Jeans to a birthday party??? I know that Sheree is her girl and all, but Jeans???? Her husband doesn’t even play anymore, so we will see how long that marriage lasts??? They got married in 1 month and 23 days after meeting????? HEEELLLLOOOOOOO!!!!
    Kim,, Straight WT. She is so tacky. Enough said
    DeShawn, Really likes NeNe as you can tell somewhat, but doesn’t want to be the outsider. My take on her is that she needs to find a hobby, a gym membership and be a “real” mom.
    NeNe, Ghetto but definitely keeps it real!!!! I think Sheree knew she wasn’t on the list and kept her ghostly looking self downstairs. Also, what host doesnot ensure that all of her guest are comfortable and Lisa’s comment about you can please everybody tells me that nonsense was setup.
    Sheree, WANNABE!!! Her party was whack, her dress was bought at Saks (doable for anyone) she does not have money, obvious. Everyone lives in a nice home nowadays. She has children running her “so called” business and if any of my guests were ever embarrassed or offended at my expense, I would definitely rectify it myself. Sheree did this intentionally and yes, I agree with MyDivas, Sheree is definitely older than 38. I give her 44 – 46. I too will be watching! like this drama filled show!

  31. Laughable, simply laughable. These dragqueens are really inviting criticism for their lack of class and taste. They’re giving Atlantans a bad name by their crassness and crude behavior. All they’re doing is reinforcing the general stereotype against people of color, which is such a shame since progress have been made in that department. An embarrassment to society really!

  32. All I can say is that I am ashamed to live in Atlanta after seeing that show. This does not represent the housewives of Atlanta. What a disgrace.

  33. Looks like Ms. Kim owns her home on her own. The detective in me decided to do a little internet sleuthing and found that the property is not only owned by Kim but is currently on the market! See property record and the for sale listing below! As far as I can tell… “Big Poppa” or “Big Papa” remains a mystery man!
    —————–Cut and Pasted—————-

    Parcel ID 11 -0920-0342-097-7
    Address .
    City FUL
    Neighborhood 1152
    Class Residential Lots
    Land Use Code Single Family Residential Townhouse
    Acres .0561
    Utilities 1-All Public/8-All Underground/-
    Tax District 57
    Tax Year 2008

    Owner Name 2
    • Duluth, GA 30097
    • Price: $568,700
    • Property ID #: 3584736
    Property Details

    Duluth, GA Agent: Vita Wilkins,
    Beds: 3.0
    Baths: 3.5
    List Price: $568,700
    Levels / Stories: 3.00
    Garage Spaces: 2.00
    Fireplaces: 1.00

    Awesome Luxury Town Home in Gated community. Minutes from the finest restaurants and shopping boutiques. Located near the top schools in the area. This unit features the top of the line appliances and enormous upgrades. 3rd level finished retreat with workout area. Custom finished closets. Private waterfall on patio Wow!! This is a must see

  34. I was thinking as an AA male,that I was being too, judgemental. Glad to see that my thinking of these women was not just a figment of my imagination.

  35. I think that these houswives are no different than any other season of the real housewives there all superficial, artifical, materialistic, and egotistical. The white women in the other seasons are no more classy than the black feamales of this season. I think to those of you who say that this is somehow makes a case for the stereotype that black women are loud and ghetto then it must also speak to the stereotype of white women prostituting themselves for money, big pappa I mean come on now. I think that this show is a disgrace for how anybody who has significant wealth to act. The majority of americans who have made it come from humble beginnings and hard work. Wealthy people should all be a little less upity and more dignified and down to earth with their status. Stereotypes are all in your mind and if you let this show be a contributing factor to the stereotypes of black women then you are obviously looking for “facts” to fuel you’re already exsisting belief. There are stereotypes which are mostly negative about any race including white people. Yes white people there are stereotypes about you that other cultures do not admire to be like. I think we need to look at all races and cultures take from the good and learn from the bad.

    A person who wishes not to engage in the affirmation of stereotypes

  36. Kim’s big papa is an Atlanta real estate developer he is married and not white or black, and his son is Brody Jenners rich sidekick. So my guess is Big Papa is Frankie Delgado’s dad. Who is Frankie Delgado’s dad?? find him and we will know who big papa is.

    And Kim those extentions, I just want to pull them out, they look so fake.

  37. OMG What can I say I want to know who this big poppa is…. ha Kim is selling her house hey I can’t hate if can get a guy to get you a brand new Cadillac honey you are way more than a hoe you working it ….. I think people just hating because most us women if we could we would …

  38. Kim’s big poppa is a celebrity athlete period. I know for a fact they got engaged a few months ago, they are planning their wedding for the spring. At Chateau Elan in Georgia. Stop being haters.

  39. I think you should remove her address, she has children, and I think it is a total violation of privacy.

    In re: to her listing price, is that considered ‘ballin’? Come to CA…you may be able to get a condo for that price.

  40. I think if she wanted privacy, she would not have become a public figure and have agreed to be on a reality TV show. She could not have been dumb enough to thing that people would not be intrigued by her “situation” with “Big Popa” and try to figure it out. If you put something out there like that, of course people are going to learn details. I love a mystery… and the internet makes it SO SIMPLE to uncover this info.

  41. I do now know who “Big Popa” is but to be perfectly honest, I am afraid to post it! There are people involved who choose to be anonymous for whatever their reasons may be. Kim is not one of those people. I’ll just say this… the answer to “Who is Kim Zolciak’s “Big Popa” IS out there. Good luck sleuths! The outcome of the season’s RHoA could be quite interesting.

  42. Funny how in episode 2, poppa is never mentioned! Do you think they had some editing to do after episode 1 and the buzz that was created?

  43. Yes, Kim boyfriend is the dad of Brody Jenner sidekick but not Frankie . It is Jared Najjar father named Lee.

  44. Wow! I feel so bad for his wife. :O( I wonder if he will cut poor Kim off now that the secret is out. (insert evil laugh:)

  45. when kim looked into the mirror and stated, “damn i’m so good looking” i nearly peed on myself when laughing!! she looks like a transvestite!

  46. How convenient for “Big Daddy” both his wife and girlfriend are named Kim. Guess he can’t mess up who’s name he says in bed!

  47. Bob Whitfield, OMG…he is nasty!! Anyone could have money if they were desperate enough to settle for a man that looks like this!

  48. Dude that ho bag kim just said shes 29????? i thought she was 40+…. that makes her more of a dingleberry then before

  49. BIG PAPA? It’s Lee Najjar. If you watch the second episode where Kim is texting with NeNe and Sheree, there is a moment where her text inbox is revealed. In the inbox there are several messages from “Lee” including “Miss U”. If you have the show on Tivo you can go in slow motion and see it very clearly. Anybody who gives a contrary answer is trying to cover for her since he is already married. (from yahoo answers)

  50. I cannot believe that Kim is 29, I swore she was at least 35+ . .she is pure white trash smoking her Newport 100s inside her house that she shares with 2 kids!! I also think she is an alkie because last episode she seems bombed the whole time. I feel so sorry for her kids . .the older one is probably getting tortured at school!

  51. I am a housewife of a NFL player and i feel as if these women excluding one are plain ole gold diggers with the exception of lisa these women are a poor excuse for housewives they are not use to nothing they come from nothing and they think they are something which is a shame , after thier husbands leave and or divorce them then what will they have thier LOOKS i think not because there is alot of make up and wigs and weaves going on . They women need to consider themselves blessed , beacuse at anytime that can all be snatched from them .

  52. Wow this topic has a lot of hits… awvight (spelled in my Wendy Williams voice)…

    & to the person who spoke on the age of the white chick. I felt the same way. Aint no way in hell she is 29. In dog years maybe.

    You got a spy kit to help with that detective work.

  53. DeShawn is ridiculous. If she is so classy, why is her grammar so poor? Her husband seems very down to earth and good-hearted so I just cannot understand what he sees in someone as fake as her.

    Kim makes me want to vomit. She’s 29? Right, and I’m the Queen of England!!!

  54. for all those wondering kims real age…she graduated in 91 so that would make her 36…..29 was a nice try though lol. if you google kmberleigh zolciak theres a classmates listing for her.

  55. LMAO! These females(haven’t decided if they are real WOMEN) are a dreakin’ joke. Bravo is sick for airing

    Sheree… an extremely insecure old hag who had children by Bob Whitfield!Come on people she got in, sucked/f’d this man’s brains out!He probably was happy to get someone who looked half decent and went from there. I bet once he saw what type of $hungry (insert expletive) she was>> he split.As far as him cheating>>>I DOUBT THAT.He looks like the bottom of my shoe. Who would cheat with him?Then again Sheree did marry the man.I know its more than 1 $hungry (insert expletive) in the world.DISGUSTING! I just want her to just sit down somewhere.You are not hot.You are old…as hell.Everyone can see past the brovado.Your scared s***less.You might end up without a damn thing so I suggest you get yourself together.Thats what you get for depending on a man and not seizing the opportunity.Even though Kimora did the same at least she started making her own!I don’t understand theses lazy chicks. Sheree u need help and a mirror.You aaaaaaaaaaaaaaight but you are “38” and look 45 on steroids.It is what it is.Get a job or get ready to make a big shift in your lifestyle. What goes around comes aroung and karma’s a(you know).Your a disgrace to black women.Who gives a damn about what you have on?A star will shine regardless…of its clothes and etc. ,right?So there is no need to put on as much as you do.Seroiusly.Would you still be fabulous(yeah right!) and have people really trying to get at you if you didnt have access to all the clothes and all that other bs?I doubt it.Thats where personality comes in .It will show no matter what you are wearing.GOOD and BAD. One more thing…. Broad you are not from GA.You are no GA peach.15years my behind!If you werent born here, your not a native.I’m from Atlanta.S.W.A.T.S. Southwest Atlanta Territoty to be exact. You could never be from where I’m from because you would be more humble and if not you would have your lil ass kick ed somethin real proper like coming around with all that bs.Thats real talk!

    Lisa…the classiest out of the bunch which isnt saying much.At least she is trying to accumulate some wealth for herself.She has a great husband and they seem happy so kudos to them.

    Nene…you gotta love her. She may be loud and outspoken and maybe a little country and ghetto but she keeps 100 so I respect her for that. She’s not sugar coating anything. she just needs some lessons in tact I think. Does anyone else think that Nene and New York were spawned from the same organism?

    DeShawn…one word LAZY! And why does she refuse to open her mouth when she talks?Her jaws are always clenched. She doesn’t have to work and she won’t clean or cook.WTF?!Thats the LEAST she can do especially if she won’t keep herself in shape.NEWS FLASH you are not hot either!Decent face but the bod needs some work.I could see if she were cooking,cleaning, and all the things a housewife should be doing then shecould have an excuse for the lbs but she seems to be doing a bunch of NOTHING so I just can’t understand the weight issue.

    Kim…Kim,Kim,Kim! Poor dear!You need help. everytime I see her she is sipping on something!At your daughter’s party? Cup in hand @12:30pm(waiting on party planner.Cup in hand at party.Left for drinks while party was still going on.Goodness Kim..great examples you are setting.Country singer my ass!The album should be Kim-“Prostitute turned Singer via a married man(aka trick) who doesn’t want to be associated with he in public”. I wont hate though becasue whatever she is doing is getting her what she wants.

    Im not judging just voicing my opinion.

  56. I can’t wait to find out what Lee’s wife Kim is going to do now that she knows who Lee’s been do’in!Skanky skanky! I know both of them and know she will hand his balls back to him on a platter!I hope she takes all his money!!! He has the little” napolean complex”….he’s tiny,short,and has a head full of too large,fake veneers that make him look like a horse when he smiles.The only reason anyone would be with him is for the money. There is nothing desirable about him BUT that.

  57. Most of the shows are staged, they know there is a camera on them, so of course they are going to showboat and flaunt…. I thought the Real Housewifes of New York was much more tastefully done. At least they had class and it showed… this bitches in Atlanta claim to have class…. they are wanna be’s… Cut that show off.. not worth my time in watching….

  58. Tiffany is close to the truth. Kimberleigh is from CT and a total spoof from page 6 of NYP. Her past is interesting to say the least and appears to me to be all about $$$. Her biggest break through prior to this show was a short lived series called Hot or Not. I think that she is just trying to make it on her own in the event that big Poppa is not around anymore.

  59. I love the show and love the ladies. A lot of people on this blog are unhappy and jealous. There is nothing wrong with having money and spending it. This is nothing wrong with marrying someone who happens to have money. Who cares. Should NFL players only date fake models or other millionares.

    And all the housewife shows are about women spending money and marrying above there station, so to speak. Don’t hate, congrats!!!

    If any of the people writing on this blog had a rich man interested in them, if the man was a decent man, they would date them.

    Have a nice day!!

  60. I went to school with Kim and she is indeed 30. To the person who found her name on Classmates. You think there’s only ONE Kim Zolciak in the US? Not quite.

  61. I love this show. After a hard day’s work I need a good laugh. DeShawn? Does this “broad” even know what a governess is? Please. Her husband will be broke in a year. Sooner if he has an injury and can’t play anymore. Kim? What can I say. It’s already been said above. I think her husband should take away her kids because she’s so stupid that she smokes in the same house with them being there. She is trying to act so “cool” and she’s stumbling all over herself. If she didn’t have something between her legs she’d be living on the street. Get rid of that fake hair too! Lisa? I don’t have much to say about Lisa. She seems pretty normal. She is certainly a business woman and trying to hold her own. What a sweetheart for a husband too. Sheree? I think the person above is right. She looks more like a man. She should have strapped one on and got right up there on that stage with those “girls” at the transvestite show. She would have fit right in. And what about the soaked pits of her “guy” friend at the show. Gross! Again, that’s why I watch it. I laugh my butt off at these whores. I love Nene though. She is down to earth and I would probably give her a big hug and tell her that God will help her find her real dad. She has a great husband and good kids. That’s what is most important.

  62. Wow you guys I never thought this little old post would get so much attention. Lol 🙂 Thanks for keeping it cordial and decent without attacking each other. One love 🙂

  63. I used to love watching this show but now I HATE this show! I am a black woman…and NO I am not a hater. I am disgusted that BRAVO or anyone else thinks these woman are true representations of what high society is. They are a bunch of gold-digging, new money honeys…that’s all – NOTHING else. This is pathetic. Do you mean to tell me that there aren’t any truly influential people in Atlanta? Sorry DeShawn you are not influential and powerful…you have your husbands money and his 3 kids…maybe instead of hiring all that unneccesary staff you can get a personal trainer to lose some weight and get a speech coach to assist with your country dialect – put your money where it matters most. Does anyone know if DeShawn has a degree high school or college??? OMG I am so disgusted…Kim & Sheree you ladies are not influential…it is clear the both of you are gold-diggers at its finest, my prayers are with your children. NeNe I have to say I like you because you are true to your roots – ghetto as hell but true. Lisa you are actually the only one who may deserve to be on the show…

    I am so bothered by this…

  64. DeShawn, regardless of being new to the area, from my PI it appears you are really active in the lives of these young girls. And a 15k tithe is awesome!!!! May God continue to bless you & your family.

    Kim, where do you meet these men? Girl call me, I am not a hater but rather a participator. I need a crazy white chick to roll out with from time to time.

    NeNe, I got some beef with these chicks in Bankhead, you got my back?
    And does your husband have a partner?

    Sheree, 1k pair of shoes? Girl what’s your size? You wont miss a few pair. BUT, you may want to also consider putting a few up for sale since you bouncing checks to your employees {ie Tiffany Holyfield, the reason she quit.}

    Lisa, can I come to the next bowling party? Invite Ovie thoug.

    Ladies & Gents this is entertainment. Nene is involved in rearing productive Black boys, too bad most of it is editted. Sheree kids lice with her 90% of the time. Kim you messed up in this department. DwShawn, spaere the rod, spoil the child. People, if you dont like it dont watch. But ummp, I like it so I will.

  65. Hunnnnneeee…I can’t get me enough of dis herr trash..this has become my quilty pleasure…I even watch the repeats..LOL
    I love me some NeNe..she is ghetto fabulous..tell it like it is sister..if she is your friend she will have your back..but gurl don’t piss her off cause she will cut you up and toss you to the curb!! Sheree..I want proof that she is a real woman..she is one manly woman to say the least! Kim..awww I kind of like Kim, I think she means well, she just needs some refinement..she needs to hang onto that new money in case hubby loses his position. Kim..well puhleeez she is a hot damn mess…bad wig, too much botox,boobs bustin out..golddigger…Lisa..she seems her energy…the deal with this certainly can’t take it too seriously, but it is fun to watch. Sheree is so hateful..I’m thinking her and kim need to stay together with their little lovefest..they can sit around with a mirror in hand all day admiring themselves!

  66. I am sorry but these lasies are soooooo undeserving of being showcased on this show.. I was so excited to see african american women Finally being put on and then I watched. God. Its almost like watching a train wreck.. Part of you wants to turn away but you just can’t help but watch…So I do. lol
    And sorry ,they except for Lisa are quite unattractive women.. blech. I have never seen such bad weaves and man like women in my life! And kim is sooo old looking poor thing and sheree OMG she I would put money on it that she indeed is a transsexual. . Nothing wrong with that mind you but she would be the ugliest one ever. And she has an even uglier demeaner- not impressed. Lisa- well I think she takes pill or something she always seems up- and hyper . Just a thought. And NeNe.. hey she doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what she is and I actually like her.Oh and Deshawn hmmm not wirth mentioning she is out of her league even for this show…
    As far as this being the elite of Atlanta. BS! Bring back The OC wives pleaseeeeeeeeee..

  67. I have not followed the entire HW series on Bravo, prior to the Atlanta season, however…. I dont think that the black women on this show are lacking in class anymore than the other seasons. Thats what people like about this entertaining series….These women are out of touch, classless, and unsophisticated. And from the few episodes I saw of the prior seasons, its the same pattern. SO please dont try to make it out to be an Atlanta, or a black women thing.

  68. melacina i’m with you!!! this show is sooooo disgusting but i can’t take my eyes off of it ~ surely my guilty pleasure also!!! where in the world did they find this bunch?!! lol ~ i just have to laugh…….there is no way anyone can take this seriously! i’m just waiting for the day big poppa is revealed ~ kim bless your “growing up middle class….turned high class prostitute trailor trash” heart ~ can’t wait to hear this awesome voice she claims to possess?!! and yes i must admit…nene has to be my favorite (other than lisa) because she keeps it real and tells it like it is!! she reminds me of a “ghetto” beverly hillbilly!!!! oh gosh this show is so entertaining……thank you bravo!!!!!!!

  69. Okay, Could everyone please stop with the hate on DeShawn’s body. Is she a curvy girl? Yes! but so what. I think the most disappointing thing is that the people hating are women! Geez, ladies don’t be mad! Let’s look at the facts she is the ONLY one on the show that is not divorced, a mistress, or working on her second marriage! Wow, amazing that the FAT chick has got the biggest house, the most cash and credit, and a loving husband!
    I think that all the ladies played her during the auction by not helping her out w/ the planning and speaking up about how bad things were going to be. I think Ne-Ne was the only really trying to help her and Lisa, if you watch carefully, is playing both sides of the fence! She is confrontational adverse and at times her neutrality makes her an accessory. BTW I went to her web site and did not see any jewelry for sale. When was this filmed? months ago right? Where is the product?
    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Lisa and Ed, they strike me as a real couple and really in love as do DeShawn and Eric and Ne-Ne’s husband is really supportive.
    I enjoy this show alot more than any other HW series, it’s almost as if the critics of the show expected the women to behave any better than the white counterparts because they are mostly black, how rude!!!!!!

  70. Is it just me or does anyone else find is ridiculously narcissistic that Deshawn’s foundation bears her name? I feel like charities should only be named after people going through personal struggles or in someones memory ie Susan G Komen. Deshawn is wealthy woman who fancies herself th queen of England. I find it really really tacky. Am I alone on this?

    As for Kim’s age, I feel sorry for her either way. If she is lying to sound younger, that’s pathetic, and if she is really 29 and looks 45, that’s just sad.

    NeNe needs to go to Monique’s Charm School and is obviously insecure, but I feel for her. She seems like a genuinely caring person who is just rough around the edges and insecure that she doesn’t fully fit the mold.

    Sheree is just a poisonous force. She is so full of all of her material things – looks, money, home etc but underneath it all has terribly low self esteem. She needs some GOOD therapy.

    As for Lisa, she’s too much in the background but I think she’s using this show as a tool to gain publicity all the other promotional things she’s involved with.

  71. to Poster #68. It has her pic and her bio on it , on . She is from CT though.. what are the odds

  72. Lets face it the REAL wives of the communities that are being portrayed do not need to through label names and prices out in the open every other sentence. Nor do they have look like they are all “wanna be highclass”.

  73. Can I also put the question out there as ” Does Kim really think her hair looks good or that it looks real?”

  74. I was watching the show where Sheree was sick and Kim told NeNe that she has a degree in Nursing….

    NeNe ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I am really enjoying these post. I love the show. It is great “reality television”. It is amazing that soo many of you have made some of the same observations that I have( i.e. Kim’s hair, age, drinking problem, reckless behavior around her children, etc.). I also like NeNe, she reminds me of soo many of the girls that I went to college with. She appears to be the most realistic character of the cast. I can’t hate on any of the ladies. It takes a lot of guts to expose your personal life on T. V. We have to keep in mind that this is just entertainment. If these ladies were boring or perfect, we wouldn’t even watch the way. Keep the great post coming.

  76. When I watched the first show, DeShawn absolutely made me so sick. She came across as super pretinuous (especially that seen where she was talking with the house manager about her parents coming). However, in the last couple of episodes, she has not seemed as bad. I don’t know why everyone is making such a big deal about her weight though. Yeah, she’s a fuller-figured girl, but she’s definitely still attractive (physically anyway).

    Kim’s hair looks like the hair of a cheap baby doll. No way is she 29!!!! She reminds me of the mean girls in high school who are always trying to keep up drama between the other girls and- like NeNe said- she plays both sides of the fence. And is it just me or she act like she’s got the hots for Sheree?

    NENe is the BOMB.COM! I think she would be so fun to hang out with.

    I think that DeShawn has the nicest house.

  77. I started watching this show because I was flipping channels and was so appalled that I forgot to keep flipping. Now I can’t get enough. It’s amazing to me that all these women have access to all this money (by whatever means) and all they choose to do with it is buy more and more stuff.

    Let’s see – NeNe – I like her. I think I could hang out with her. She’s a bit loud, but she is real. She’s not constantly trying to one up the other ladies.

    Lisa – don’t know what to think about her. She seems nice on the show. Maybe that’s why they don’t feature her much – she’s not as rediculous as the others.

    DeShawn – I think she has a good heart, but her husband needs to pull her down out of the clouds a bit. It’s all well and good to want to help people, but the only people who made any money at that auction were the caterers.

    Kim – how sad. She is ALWAYS talking about how classy she is. I think she needs to look up the word in the dictionary. Class is about action with poise and decorum. Not drinking and swearing like a sailor and generally acting like a prostitute.

    Sheree – I think she has the capability to be a classy woman. She needs to give up her bitterness, though. Also, as someone in an earlier post said – if you’re fabulous we will notice, you don’t have to keep telling us.

    All in all, though, I love the show. One question a lot of people have asked is why Bravo picked these women to represent Atlanta. If you are a woman of class and respect yourself, then you would have told the Bravo people no thank you when they came to ask. Especially if you had seen any of the other series.

  78. To all the women on this site that claim to be NFL wives…… I believe every word you posted here. y’all would know best. Im sure that you must think that we think that all athletes wives are golddiggers but im sure that there are few goods ones left!

  79. I must say, i like this show. Although they are just merely some top class gold-digging women (and why did they have to be black, it seems every time black people in general get a little spot light they are always portrayed in the worst ways…..smh). Anywhoo, i think that kim needs to leave who ever husband it is that she is messing with alone, she must got some dirt on his ass cuz she just spends his money whenever she wants. Sheree, i must say even though i hate her attitude i think she is FLY! everything she wears is nice i havent seen her look tacky not once. now speaking of tacky, NENE is the tackiest of them all (her wedding ring is the most flawless thing she has) i think she is very insecure of the fact that she is not as wealthy as the rest of the girls. she is way to ghetto for me (i guess that saying is right you can take the girl out the hood but you cant take the hood out the girl) and she needs to keep her personal life off the show, but i guess since she take us on any random shopping sprees like the rest of the girls do, i guess she has too…lol…i like Ms Hartwell i think she is the smartest of them all, she’s about her business, we need more women like that in the world. she stays out of the drama and worry about herself and her family. (her husband is sooooooooo sexy). deshawn needs to sit down, i was a little upset at the last episode i seen when she had the gala tryna raise a million dollars and only raised a few thousands…..she spent more than what she made to throw the damn thing, she is so full of sh*t her and the snow foundation. she running a slave ranch at her house she got a person to take care of everything cuz she fat and lazy……i wonder if her house has a built in gym so she can loose some damn weight, and another thing she has her own salon andher weave looks like shit!!!! i will pray for these girls and hope they come to some kind of peace with themselve. but in the mean time i cant wait for the next episode…..

  80. I have been a “real housewife” fan since OC, and was excited to see a little “color” added to Bravo’s lineup. I do believe that the casting for the show could have provided a little more balance. I think Bravo could have done a better job finding more stable individuals to spot light. I think about all the other seasons and they never brought the husbands in as much as they do with these ladies. Bravo wants the public to form certain opinions about the ladies. With that being said, I still enjoy the show. Why should I be angry at the lifestyle they are in (no matter how they got there). I am using the show for what it is meant for, which is “for entertainment purposes only”. I’m sure everyone can think back to a time that they spent money on something that someone else thought was unnessecary. Theirs is just on a larger scale. I can’t count how many times I planned my list of things to do/see/get when I hit the lottery.

    I appreciate the escape from reality every Tues night and will continue to watch. Do your thing girls. People talk, ratings go up.

  81. This show is the worst one yet out of the series, they just keep getting worse. Let me start with Sherre, what a trip, she has done nothing but spit out a few kids that were fathered by a washed up Falcon. She then worked him for all his money and pretends to be this elegant diva, get a life you wannabe. Id rather watch Whitney Houston smoking rocks then one more minute of her crapping out of her mouth. On to Kim, I’ll make this quick. A high-dollar piece of trailer trash who met a guy with millions. Her big fake boobs and that 80’s hair style have got to go, the Anna Nicole Smith look has been dead longer than she has. Her poor children. Once “Big Popa” drops her fake no singing ass we will see her on the next “Flip my Doublewide” series on CMT. The only genuine people on the show are Nene and Lisa, they have got real class because they are who they are, they do not pretend to be some diva that all of the ATL knows who they are in front of the camera. Please cancel this series or get some new women besides Kim and Sheree’s FAKE ASSES!!

  82. I stumble on this show and laugh; just had to see what’s being said… Yes, I, too think that Nene and NewYork (from FlavorFlav) are related – maybe that’s who her daddy is – New York’s daddy!
    I’m laughing again – Kim says she’s, hiccup, 29?!! I thought the show was about middleaged rich women and that she was 40-42!??! It looks like she weaves Barbie hair into her own, fresh from the Mattel box, all shiny. But maybe it’s a full-on wig? Dunno. Here’s the funniest thing to me… Remember the movie with the Wayans brothers, Whitechicks? She TOTALLY reminds me of one of them – airhead, awkward, fake, out-of-place and all!!!

  83. Big Popa – Can you stand nother girlfriend? Me love you long time!! But me needs 500 dollar to make you holla!

  84. DeShawn, Get a hot bod or he’s gonna leave you for a white girl. She won’t have a salon in her house, she’ll have a small apartment, but she’ll do Pilates and shit and have a rockin bod! You presently look like a grocery store cake decorator.

  85. Keith Sweat is the classiest of all!! He is Lisa’s (the half Asian/half black one) ex-husbandand the father of her two older children. HE REFUSED TO SIGN A WAIVER TO ALLOW THEM ON THE SHOW! Class! Deshawn, Sheree, Lisa, and your children’s fathers… you will later regret allowing them on this show… or at least you should if you do have any class at all – I think you may have a smidgeon. I don’t mention Kim or Nene because classiness is clearly absent from the get-go.
    Also, lay off the bling and d-duds for a moment and drop a dime on a speech therapist… jewelry is pronounced “JEW-ELL-REE”, not “jury” as in “jury duty.” “Wu Girls”? I could have sworn you were saying “boogers”!

  86. The show is great and your all jealous. Kim, love you and love the Escalade.
    Is it the “pearlized white?” I hope you and NeNe make up, she is a trip.

  87. It’s so sad to see all of these negative comments about these women. I agree with the post that said if any of you haters had what they have then you would spend just like they spend and try to live just like they do. To post #82 no I don’t think it’s narcissistic for DeShawn’s foundation to be named after her. Celebrities name their foundations after them all the time so why can’t she? Then you guys want to talk about her weight???? This woman has spit out 3 kids, heck I think she deserves to be a little on the plus size…And everyones so interested in knowing who big pappa is, some of you have even gone as far as putting people’s names out there..!! Now that’s just ridiculous playing with people’s lives is no joke. You all say you hate the show and how ridiculous it is, well apparently you like the show enough to take the time to research the cast and their backgrounds, you like the show enough to sit thru more than one episode bc some of the stuff you guys are talking about definitely didn’t happen on the first episode. So how bout if you really don’t like the show then stop watching….That seems like the simple solution don’t cha think………??

  88. Yeah I am a hater because Kim can call up her married boyfriend and get an Escalade. Wow, gasp I am so jealous. OH wait let me get in my H2, fully loaded and drive it around. I didnt even have to call up my husband or ask or promise anything.

    And as far as DeShawn deserves to be a little on the plus size because she spit out 3kids, what does that have to do anything. I had two kids, maybe I should be on the plus size too! I’d rather be in shape and healthy and have the reaction from people of “Wow, you have had kids?” then “deserve to be alittle plus size.” But who cares, if DeShawn likes the way she looks good for her. I just wish she would stop talking w/a clenched jaw. Looks like she has had her mouth wired shut.

  89. O.K I just have to point out that I know that can’t possibly be the only person who noticed that Eric Snow is not all into his “wife”. When I watch reality shows I pay real good attention and from what I saw he is obviously not happy. On the first show it didn’t seem like it was anything there and I realy did not pat it any attention, but on the recent show he didn’t seem happy to see her (Deshawn) and he didn’t seem too happy with all the people being in his house. I don’t know about anyone else but Eric is still fine and if I were his wife who only got to see him 1 day out of the week I’d be all over him when he comes home. If you pay attention to him when he’s on you wil see what I’m talking about.(hence) she makes expensive mistakes ad she always knew she was destined for greatness

  90. to poster #103: you are indeed a perceptive person! Poor Eric Snow…I mean how would u feel if your wife thought that the best part about being married to you is the “lifestyle” you provide? I gasped aloud when she actually said that! Whenever I look at DeShawn, I see a deluded little girl who finally came into some real money, and is dutifully ticking items off her “how-to-be-an-infuential-women-of-society” checklist. Hire governess/ nanny/ household manager so I don’t have to actually deal with my kids and the “little people” (maids) ? Check. Establish my own foundation? Check. Have a personal hair salon in my home? Pay enormous sums of tithes to church ? Check! I mean, in a way I think she means well; the foundation is a great idea, and paying tithes shows an an admirable dedication to the things of God….but I always sense a little bit of self-aggrandizement in everything she does. I guess it’s all part of the “destined for greatness” thing she does OH SO WELL!

    I always cringe just a little when she starts to speak, cuz its obvious she’s trying REAL hard to be grammatically correct!! Oh, poor DeShawn…she does her best, but you can always tell the difference between someone who was born into that kind of lifestyle, and someone who is just a poser!

    And honestly, everyone here is saying how “real” Nene is….she’s just as much a faker as everyone else on the show (excluding Lisa)! I almost peed myself when Nene and DeShawn went on the Fox station to advertise for the fundraising gala….Nene put on her most “sophisticated” act ever, with the clasped hands, plastered smile and uber-proper enunciation, and the “I’m looking forward to working with you, Ed” bit….it was hilarious! And DeShawn…I was impressed by her presentation on the show, but you could tell she practiced that bit for HOURS in the mirror beforehand!

    Thanks for the hilarious study break you give me every Tuesday ladies….I love you alllll!!

  91. As far as DeShawn is concerned her tithing being filmed was wrong, wrong wrong. When you show the world how much you are tithing it no longer becomes “you are tithing to God,” but you are making a statement to the world about how much money you have. Pride, pride, pride, the very thing that God hates is a “prideful person.” It is definitely not supposed to be public knowledge. She needs to read her Bible.

  92. I can’t look away it’s such a train wreck. OMG all that money, stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid shallow social climbers living ridiculous lives and they’re not even smart enough to be embarrassed in fact they don’t have a clue. Oh Kim, sing me another song. Come on NeNe I’m waiting for a smack down with Sheree. I promise to tune in next week and be appalled and howl with laughter. Poster #99 re speech therapist…..HAHAHA

  93. Did anyone else notice in tonights episode when Kim was telling Dallas about her experience with her voice coach that she spelled “cat” and k-a-t?

  94. Oh and while she was singing to Sheree in the car she was drinking a glass of what looked to be wine and then drove away. I feel bad for her daughters. What a bad example.

  95. One more thought. I think NeNe does keep it real even though sometimes I feel she is too loud. She did make fun of Kim for her singing in front of her face and I think the rest of America will agree that Kim can not carry a tune. I just don’t understand why NeNe’s boobs are hanging out all the time. Those things need support and to be covered up! Her poor sons must be embarassed. Until I started reading these posts I never realized how DeShawn talks with her mouth closed. LOL now I can’t stop noticing. I did notice her poor speaking skills… I am not a hater. I do love this show for the laughs it brings. I think it’s funny how these women think they are successful. Maybe in gold digging. They wouldn’t be able to have a fashion line for example if it wasn’t for the intital pot of money given to them… People with real class wouldn’t subject themselves to reality editing. I give props to Lisa however she found a way to stay classy and down to earth!

  96. Kim…GET A NEW WIG!! You look terrible..your poor children..there mommy is a gold-digging, white trash, red-neck, homewrecking,wannabee with absolutely NO MUSICAL TALENT..or talent at all actually.great role model..where is the sad father who agreed to this??

  97. When Kim was singing in the kitchen w/her kids there and the chef. I died laughing, he was not listening to Kim at all – and you could hear how FLAT she was -and how bad she was in the studio standing next to Dallas.

  98. I have watched these episodes over and over. You have no idea how many more hilarious remarks you pick up when you watch it more than once or twice.


  100. I wanted to cringe when I saw how bad NeNe was acting at the restaurant (before the limo making fun of kim incident). She was screaming for the wait staff etc. I hope they spit in her food and drink!

  101. i absouloutly love this show everyone wants money and a nice life i would prefer to gain financial wealth on my own but if it came by way of a wealthy husband so be it these women are funny and deshawn to me is a sweet heart i do agree that her husbanb seems a little disconected to her but he loves her and maybe that is his personality but he picked a lovely woman with a good heart for a wife, ne ne is real and she comes of as the girl down the street type she has been threw alot and has come a long way so i applaud her for that, sheree is going threw alot from what i see she is scared to death that her life style may change but that has alot to do with all that bragging she does about material things she has to keep it going in order to keep people talking she cares what others think if she could get over that then she would be fine but on the good side of her she takes care of her body she is in shape no matter how old she is and she actually helps young teenage girls learn how to take care of there bodies and eat right which is good, lisa to me loves money and is determined to die rich and never have a fianacial problem in life there nothing wrong with that because she could have stayed with keith sweat and just lived off his wealth or even ed hartwells but she choses to work for her wealth and her men must be of wealth too and thats ok you can do bad by yourself,kim kim kim we are the same age i think im 29 so i know where u are coming from but please get it together if big poppa is married you are wrong wrong wrong like i keep saying there is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy and living a good life but at what price are you willing to pay to be that ladies just play your cards right and set certain standards to wrap things up thses women are still human beings and we make mistakes and do crazy things but there hearts are good and they mean well im going keep watching hopefully there is a season two

  102. Season 2: Nene finds out that her HUBBY is her Daddy!!… DeSawn’s husband leaves her for a skinny white MAN – yep, so that’s why he’s been detached!!… Sheree’s soon-to-be-ex-husband’s new squeeze strangles Sheree with an Hermes scarf in a ladies stall at a swank Atlanta steakhouse so that all his bling-buyin’ money won’t go to her – she is found face-down in the commode!… Lisa doesn’t sell enough “jury”, as she likes to call it, so she starts a line of “booty” (beauty) products, all of which end up at the dollar store… We learn that BigPoppa is actually a BigMomma – a big, fat, disgustingly rich black woman – (just the kind Kim likes) and they finally come out of the closet!…

  103. I just would like to say..the “rhoa” are so damn entertaining. I have tivo and watched episode after episode. Yes, they have some drama but what did you expect? Boring, women just talking about their money and husbands..(like the former shows. Finally some spice some entertainment. I can’t say how these women chose to exploit the way they live is right or wrong..but it sure does create a dialogue and I think that is what its all about. Man, I must say the dialogue is like built up tension for all us housewives to vent and forget about our daily drama..and thats why I love this show….it completely takes me away from my drama, if I have any or the phone calls from my girls..who aren’t feeling like they are in the right marriage, or my girlfriend who met this guy and telling me how he is “banking” but should she just date him for that but the money sure would be easy for her and her kids..or the friend that is awesome at coming up with ideas and business ventures and she stays busy but would love to spend more time with her kids..but always was told “don’t depend on a man” no matter what he has. Hey, then my friend you know the one that thinks her s*&% don’t stink but we all know the reason she constantly has to reassure her worth is because her husband who she finally divorced because she realized she was losing herself in his life and supported all that he did ..treated her like a “gold-digger” instead of the mother to his kids so now she is free and she is so insecure she has to find peace in loving herself and it may appear that she is “stuck-up” because she really doesn’t know real friendship if it slapped her in the face. Yeahhhh this show does it for is so entertaining I hope they come back..and I hope they can resolve some of the issues they had this season. The RHOA really brought the flavor..and everyone could relate to issues instead of dreaming and wishing to be “the joneses” like OC or NYC ..nothing but money, shopping and reality.

  104. Show may be exciting but the comment by arla just above this one bout made me fall asleep….ZzzZzzZZ-zzZzz… Wake me up, ShaNENEnaynay, girl!

  105. So what does everyone think about Kim and “Big Papa” breaking up, as the update was given at the end of the seaon episode. Kind of funny- what other sucker is going to pay for her wigs, extentions and her fake “29” year old butt…..

  106. Sher, good question… this is what I think… Kim and Sheree were sitting there, STUBBORN and UNFORGIVING AS HELL to Nene (Isn’t Nene’s husband so sweet – I want a Grandpa like that ;-). I wonder how much Bravo Network paid Kim and Sheree to be there, cuz we know those two can be bought!! The other ladies wanted peace. So Nene made fun of Kim singing – the WHOLE WORLD did (or at least all us pathetic ones who watch this trash, guilty-lol). They are also the two of the bunch who have NO MAN now. No wonder. They’ll get another sucker… but they’ll lose him, too.

  107. Good point KayZZZ they don’t have men maybe they are jealous of Lisa, NeNe and DeShawn…. Well I can’t wait to watch the show tonight even though a lot has already been leaked in previews….

  108. Ok I think everyone missed Dallas’ reaction to Kim’s singing. He did such a good job at holding it in. But I am sure you have checked out on other web site that he said there was no album, no nothing. That is was all just for TV.

  109. Am I the only one doing the math here? If Kim’s ex husband (age 70) fathered both her children, then 29 year old Kim likely had her 12 year old daughter when she was 17, and was knocked up by a 58 year old man at either 16 or 17. Eeeeewwww…..

  110. I about died laughing when the “5th” Housewife of Atlanta came out and gave his thoughts on the women and told Kim that they would work on her hair- she looked so “shocked”. I no long her have any care or sympathy about Kim since she tried to lie about having cancer. Andy caught her red handed! – I am a cancer survivor and for anyone to say yes then no – shame on you!
    Ps. Kim, your daughter Brielle should not be posing and taking pictures like she is and posting them on facebook- have you heard of pedophiles?

  111. Its not that we hate her because she doesnt have the perfect bod. Its that SHE thinks she is ALL that. Like a check list to the wealthy- “estate manager” check (So she doesnt have to talk to the ‘help’ remember honey you were not born into money – nor was your parents), cooking staff- so you can sit on your butt and do nothing, have a ‘salon’ chair in your house so you think you can feel too important to go to a salon to have your hair done. Be real.
    Especially in this economy- your not all that- no one is. Even Mr “I lost $50 Billion dollars”! What do you exactly do for your family? You have a chef, nanny and cleaning staff, landscapers, andI am sure an accountant. How about hiring a personal trainer!(so that you can be all that)





  113. Kim Kim Kim, WE love you and think you are great. Everyone is jealous because you are so blessed. Do something other than sit here and write nasty comments. Good luck on season 2 all you girls

  114. Susanne what is there to be jealous about? That she has to ask and promise and open her legs to a married man to get things? What a great role model she is setting for her children.
    “Big Poppa, can i get a new SUV?” wow. Can I get my hair done and look cheap? wow, can i wear Dior and LV and Channel wow gasp that is so original- can i pretend to sing and 3xs on tape while filming it was caught how FLAT she sings.. gasp that is alot to be jealous about.

  115. i cant wait to see season 2!!!!!

    i think that kim shouldn’t be on season 2, i just feel she should concentrate on being a mom and leave the whole big papa thing alone….

    i just like the drama on the show its hella funny …. after a long day of school and interning its good to watch some “reality” comedy….heheheheheh lol

    oh and people who don’t like DeShawnee spelling? yeah shes lazy but at least she gives her 10% back to the lord. a lot people don’t even do that so kudos to her!

    i loved Lisa the most even though she is two faced!!!! i cant believe she has older kids…. because she acted like that was her first child…. thats kind of shady to me though

  116. If you listened to v103 atlanta a few weeks ago you’d know that lisa’s other to children were not on there due to the fact that ,Keith Sweat, Lisa’s ex Husband, wouldn’t sign the consent for the children to appear on the show thats why at the end she say that she is thankful for her children and not child because she couldn’t say anything more than that.

  117. They are coming out with the Housewives of New Jersey….one of the housewives is married to the owner of the Brownstone in lovely Paterson, NJ. The place is a wedding factory $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. That wedding was on VH1. A total train wreck of a reception with like 600 guests who barely new them. Ya think she loves the attention? The other housewives for that show, look a little rough around the edges as well. This show should be just as irritating and crass as the rest of “housewives”. Oh God!

  118. The show is entertaining. It is a TV show, so perhaps shouldn’t be mistaken as “real” housewives of anywhere. “Real” is in the eye of the beholder. Just enjoy it. By the way – for the poster who is ranting about grammar. The word “alot” that you use a lot in your posting is spelled a lot. It is actually two words. My source is,

  119. I think this show does a fine job of showcasing how most African-American’s that come into money, act. This IS how they handle themselves. Truth hurts.

  120. This show is pure comedic genious! My abs are ripped from all the bellylaughing!!!!! ….the collective IQ scores of these women is deep in the negative. So good…so good

  121. NeNe……………..
    Who am I to say????

    IMO (humble) You would look so much better with your own hair. Get a sharp @ss cut. Atlanta’s got some of the best stylist in the country. And keep the color BLACK. You’re beautiful woman inside and out. Just one more suggestion, lower the volume. But who am I ???? Best wishes……

  122. NeNe……………..
    Who am I to say????

    IMO (humble) You would look so much better with your own hair. Get a sharp @ss cut. Atlanta’s got some of the best stylist in the country. And keep the color BLACK. You’re a beautiful woman inside and out. Just one more suggestion, lower the volume. But who am I ???? Best wishes……

  123. REAL! you have got to be kidding, Kim the blond tramp, not a true friend to anyone & needs to get on with her life & forget about Big Papa & his money. NeNe needs to clean up her act, stop dressing so trashy & stop being so obnoxious. Is that the NeNe that your husband fell in love with? Sheree needs to come to reality also, you do have to have some education in fashion if you are going to be a designer, anyone can have their name on a product if you put up enough money. DeShawn has a great family, stop using your husbands name & success so much to make your name in society. Lisa is thego getter with her hands into so many projects does she realize family does need to come first? Dont get me wrong, I did watch the first few episodes, but then when Kim was changing her clothes in her car to go to Sherees party. That is the ultimate in trashy. Your telling me Real Atlanta Housewives act like that??? Come On…. Enough with the trash

  124. The reunion of the show was funny,but in a sense pathetic. Kim should of stood her ground. I am not a fan of Kim, but Lisa did tell her what NeNe said and then Lisa denied it at the reunion, threatening to flip someone over the chair or table. (Whatever it was) DeShawn was not about a bunch of mess and I give her a high five for that. I am sorry that her fund raiser didn’t turn out so well, but you live and you learn. All of the competition about who has what and then to find out at the end that atleast 2 of the women on the show have to move out of the home that they bragged about. I don’t care who you are and how much money you have, always or atleast try to remain humble. If you are actually renting property and purses, etc., it all comes out.

  125. I actually saw Lisa’s husband at a restaurant with some girl and I am sure it wasn’t Lisa..are they still together, I haven’t heard anything about them splitting up. They were holding hands before they got to the table so Im pretty sure it was a romantic thing.

  126. I really hate this show. I feel like these women live up to what the media EXPECTS black women to be. Class-less despite any status they may have. Even the way they speak disgusts me. Hello does anyone use proper English in Atlanta? I just get the essence of ignorance from all of these women.

  127. What does it matter how these people act? Are you their friend, family, or someone that matters? I would think not, seeing how you all are talking about another human. It does not matter where they are from, what color they are, or how they got their money? They got it and thats all that matters. It kills me to read all of these negative comments, acting like you know something about some one and these people that always try to through race (color of skin) in to the middle of everything. Bravo does not make them any less of a person, because of the color of their skin. I am sure they act different because they are on TV and because they are being PAID good money to do this show…Does this make them all whores, since they are being paid to do something that all of you say is an act or a lie? And to be honest, who would not want to have their bills paid, not have to worry about where your next pay check is coming from and live a wonderful comfortable life??? Be honest with yourselves, you know you wish you had the option of some of those wonderful benefits….And for people to say this is the most trashy Housewives, have you seen the rest? Orange County, come on…New York, no comment from me….But they all have their moments of trash and Snobbines….

    If any of you choose to read all this, then I hope I may have helped you to better understand. And to the ones that used the CHURCH, I thought we were not JUDGE. In the bible it says not to, so why do it. If you want the world to be better, Then Start With Your Self, and if thats not enough
    Get Your Own TV Show, where you can have it your way!


  128. what kills me is that people will watch the show..then come on here and trash it. lol Theres other things on tv to watch.

  129. I have been watching the real housewife franchise and I got to say do these women don’t have any self respect at all. They are not what I call a house wife. They act like a pampered teenagers who don’t have anythings else better to do with themselves than scream and yell and call each other names and allow it to be aired on TV. I guess fame comes in many different ways. I would like for them to live a life of a real and I mean real house wife, you know the worry of how you are going to make ends meet, paying the debts, dealing with a 2 income family that doesn’t exceed $40,000 a year. That means both husband and wife have full time jobs. Deal with family and husband that are all on different schedule. Where is that housewife? If the networks would air the life of a real housewife they might think twice about airing rich pampered women who don’t have real lives or a care in the world.

  130. I wonder what the real kim thinks of the kim on the show/ They look quite a bit alike. I think they could pass as sisters.

  131. i hate ne ne she is so fat and kim was 100% right she is a moose her and her clop-sided eye need to go find a tree to hide under forever she is so wack with her pimly ass face why does she think that make-up can make you pretty?? if youare ugly like her then make-up will just make you look more disgusting she is like a wack rap song that wont go away she has that stupid black personality that no one likes and thinks that she is the bomb when the only thing that she is , is moose that needs to get hit by a car kim is awsome she needs her own show i know she would make a great star and everybody would watch because of her schemeing ways its great

  132. Question [previous post]…How do you define “stupid black personality”? Now, I was really on here just to read the comments because I really like the show, but was stunned by your remark. Most of the comments are very ignorant and young-minded but it’s an opinion that everyone is entitled to…it doesn’t matter to anyone else. But, for a comment to be made like that is a bit over-the-top. I’m going to write that one off and include it in the “young” category; and if you’re an adult and is not of African American decent making a statement as such…..the “uneducated” category; and if you’re African American –enough said [moving on..]

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta women seem to have a lot going for them despite the fact that their men also have money — that’s an extra. Money can change your way of living but it does not define a person. Successful women want someone that has something to bring to the table as well. If that man wants to spoil her, then so be it. What woman wouldn’t want that? Bottom-line, instead of hating, let their ways of life inspire you. Get educated, own your business, do what you do so that you too can establish a wealthy household and “Fly Above All the Haters”. If someone’s wealth bother you that much….watch something else. I’m sure there only concern is Bravo TV productions.

    Lastly [my little tidbit], I must say that Kandi and NeNe was my favorites but NeNe has become the grouch; it’s her way or no way.

    (I probably would not visit this page again. Just stumbled across it googling Kim’s Big Poppa but felt the need to comment on some of the ridiculous criticism.)

  133. What a sad portrayal…..if Nene is balling like she acts like she is, why was she at Neiman Marcus OUTLET next me to on line and why did she drive away in a basic little Japanese car? Puh-lease

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