Nicole does Essence

Here is a snippet of the interview…. It’s amazing to see you guys. We fell in love with your characters and each of you individually on Soul Food. On your website it says growing up you were one of the few women of color at your school and yet you had this dream of being Willona from Good Times. Was playing the sassy Teri an actualization of that dream?

N.A.P.: Teri was kind of just a gift from God. It just dropped in my lap. I remember I wrote in my journal “God, just give me the opportunity to do something for my people and about my people that’s uplifting.” I believe that we have to be so race-conscious in this day and age. Sometimes good Black shows don’t get their fair chance and it lasted way beyond what most Black dramas do. I’m so glad it had such a great impact. And fans still watch it and fall in love with the characters all over again.

N.A.P.: People still call from across the street “Hey Teri!” And I’m still friends with everybody. Malinda [Williams] is getting married now. I’m one of her bridesmaids. Rockmond [Dunbar] is directing. Vanessa [Williams] just finished performing her one-woman show. Boris is starring in a movie with Bruce Willis. So many wonderful things came out of that cast. Definitely and even a husband for you! When you first met Boris, did you have any idea you two were going to be a power couple in Hollywood?

N.A.P.: It really was a fairytale. Well, we were in a professional relationship that we didn’t want to ruin and we were both in relationships, so we couldn’t just jump in the bed (Laughs). When we talk to young people about taking their time, I can say that for real. So for about two years, we were just co-workers and we got a chance to talk.


Watch Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins


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