Wanted: Scott Storch

Scott Storch is wanted by the Miami-Dade police after missing a court appearance. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marc Schumacher issued a warrant for Storch’s arrest after he failed to appear at the latest hearing for a child support battle with the mother of his two-year-old son Jalen. Dalene Jennifer Daniel,his baby momma,filed a complaint in 2006 stating that Storch owed $46,000 in back child support. Once in custody, Storch would have to pay the full balance owed in order to be released.

Storch was also recently hit with a new paternity suit, this one by the mother of Steven Brandon Bedillo, a 16-year-old son whom he had acknowledged and willingly provided financial support for until January of this year. The boy’s mother filed an emergency child support petition after she and her son were evicted from their Ft. Lauderdale-area apartment in May. “While he drives around in his Ferrari and Cadillac, [Steven] is sleeping on a couch in the same room as his mother,” Bedillo’s attorney Paul Leinoff told The Miami Herald. An attorney for Storch said his client was a “victim of mismanagement of his business enterprises”

I guess it’s not meant for me to understand how these men floss in these videos but don’t take care of their children…..


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