Rumor Alert: The Real Housewives of ATL

Bravo has finally together and found some Black Housewives. The show The real Housewives will hit ATLANTA in August! The show will feature Sheree Whitfield (black top) former wife of retired Atlanta Falcons player Bob Whitfield, Lisa Hartwell (red top) wife to former Atlanta Falcon Ed Hartwell, Nene Leakes (last girl) who along with her husband is a successful real estate broker and lastly Deshawn Snow, (2nd girl to the right) wife of NBA player Eric Snoccw who plays for the Cleaveland Calvs!

Rumor has it that R&B singer Monica may be on the show as well.  Hopefully this is true and if so… We can’t wait!!!!

6 thoughts on “Rumor Alert: The Real Housewives of ATL

  1. Hey wheres Kim, she is one of the housewives also…….. I quess cause she is White she is not on web….. My children go to school with Kims daughters, she is just WONDERFUL such a great mom and just adores her girls and looks like a million bucks and dressses it always. I cant wait to see her and the girls everyday life.

  2. I first saw the show featuring in Orange County and I wondered where the beautiful black women were. I emailed Bravo and inquired about sharing some of the success with women of color. I am glad they listen. Looking forward to seeing the show.

  3. I saw the 30 minute clip Bravo aired and I can’t wait for more! When does the season start? My two favorites were Kim and Sheree. They both seemed real, not fake or like they were putting on for the cams. They also both had the MOST interesting stories that left me wanting to watch.

  4. I am so glad they are showing some diversity. I loved the ladies of OC not so much NYC. ATL will be fab!

    The ATL ladies are on facebook!

  5. I am not really sure what to think of these women.. Sheree, well I could just slap her all day long. She has to be the fakest person I have ever seen.. Deshawn.. has money and seems to have forgotten anything outside of that realm… Nee Nee…. looks like she would be fun to be around, but after a while I would get tired of all the fowl language and loudness….Lisa.. I think is just the cutest thing, but a little too hyper for me….and Miss Kim.. Why is she even on the show???. Where does her income come from other than what she sells to “Big Poppa” What exactly does she bring to the show? Looking forward to the next season, but think about maybe replacing Kim.. Oh replace Kim with Dwight.

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