How You Doin’?

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Check out the promo for the Wendy Williams show coming to FOX on July 16th. The daily talk show will run through the summer in select markets (New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Detroit). You if you are in those cities, you have to watch so FOX will keep it around. If you are going to be in New York, you can get tickets to the show by going to

UPDATE 06/12/08:

Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter have been accused of trying to hire someone to kill rival radio personality, Hot 97’s Miss Jones, according to explosive documents coming out of Wendy and Kevin’s ongoing sexual harassment case. Back in March Wendy’s talent booker, Nicole, filed a sexual harassment suit against Wendy and WBLS claiming Wendy’s husband pressured her for sex, called her bitches and hoes and kicked Wendy’s ass at work. Well, according newly released docs from the case, Nicole says Kevin asked a WLBS staffer to help him find a hitman to off Jonsey over comments she made on air about Wendy. But check this out, the suit also claims Wendy approached this same staffer in an effort to get him to help her find a hitman to off Kevin!


2 thoughts on “How You Doin’?

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  2. Go Wendy! Go Wendy! Go Wendy! Wendy Willlllliiiaaammmmsss ( in the words of tuffy) I’m a huge WW fan and I will be supporting her as always!

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