Salt n Pepa returned


The Salt ‘N Pepa Show  returned on VH1 on last night.  I liked the first season, it was quirky & pretty cool this season I will have to wait and see.  I think adding Spinderella to the group makes it a little more interesting.  What I wanted to know is who is with Pepa’s kids when all of this is going on?  I saw her son who there is no denying that Treach is his daddy but where was her daughter for the past couple of episodes.  You always see Salt’s kids and hubbie.  I’m just saying……

30 thoughts on “Salt n Pepa returned

  1. I thought the 1st episode was pretty good Pepa is really immature and what she did with Salt’s daughter was so wrong. After they went over the rules of how everything was suppose to go down she had no right to take that girl out and make her up to look like a whore. That make up was tac ac ky… last season Salt came across as a true bitch but after seeing the way pepa handles situations I see why she acts the way she does… pepa really needs to grow up…

    As far as her kids I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody else had custody of them. I remember her mother calling her durning her daughters party… hello why aren’t u at the party.

    Correction: Pepa’s oldest son is not by Trech. I’m not 100% on her daughter but I know for a fact when they got together her son was already born he was about 2 or 3.

    I want to know if salts oldest is by her husband?

  2. well pepa kids both have the same dad. Thats what they said on BET and salts kids both have the same dad he was in naughtybynature and even though spinderella is not on the show she has a 15 yr old daughter with basketball player kenny anderson. As far as the show i think salt is a bit to strict with her daughter but then again look who she ask to help plan her daughters party…lol. Pepa mother watches her daughter eypt.I think pepa just likes to have fun plus she aint getting an younger!

  3. Pepa had that little boy before she got with trech.. I am a woman who grew up listening to salt and pepa. I remember when she first got with trech and he took on the father role for her son but he is not the biological father. & it wasn’t salt who messed with someone from naughty it was pepa. spin has a baby by some basketball player can’t remember which one though.

  4. treach is not Pepas sons dad they only have a daughter together Egypt is her name.salts kids have the same dad but she didnt marry him until 10 years later

  5. Who is pepa’s son Tyran’s dad then because he didnt just appear out of no where. I would love to have Pepa as my mom

  6. In 1990, Denton had her first child, Tyran. She made a guest appearance on Ricki Lake in 1993, teaching teenage girls the responsibilities of being a mother. In 1999, she married longtime beau Anthony (“Treach”) Criss of the rap group Naughty by Nature, with whom she has a daughter named Egypt. They were divorced in 2001.

    source: wikipedia

  7. Last night’s episode was actually pretty good to see them bonding with their sons. Tyran is looking for something. Dunno if it’s a @ss whoopin but seriously he is very disrespectful to his mom and she needs to look at what she is doing wrong. I remember when she was on the surreal life and he was embarrassed because she deep throated a banana.

  8. Lmao @ the banana… who wouldn’t be pissed from that. This season of the show to me is much better than the first. I agree that her son needs to be punched in his chest one good time. I wonder if his father is in his life. @ this point Pep can’t have no man around him bc he thinks he is the man. Well like Irv Gotti said MAN UP! A real man knows how to talk to a woman esp if that woman is his mother.

  9. Pepa’s son was born in June 1990 and his father is a dealer from Queens NY and his name is Tyran but they call him Ty Ty. Her daughter was born in September 1998 and Treach (former husband) is her daddy. It is unfortunate that there is no man in the household to make him respect his mom. Whatever her actions, she is his mom and he is very rude. I believe Salt had both of her children with her husband but didn’t get married until several years after their daughter, Corin was born. I enjoyed the show last night and applaud them for exposing there sons to something different and bonding with them.

  10. One more thing about Pep’s son… wtf is up with his hair? He either needs to braid or cut it. I wouldn’t even allow my daughter to walk around with hair over the head like that. Does he know that the camera’s broadcast that footage into ppl’s homes?

  11. Karma, you took the words directly out of my mouth!!! LOL! Oh yeah and yes, Kenny Anderson the retired ballplayer from Lefrak City in Queens, is Spin’s daughter’s father. She had a rough time with b ballers though, Jason Kidd publicly dumped her and Kenny Anderson went on to Tammy from the real world.

  12. Hey ya’ll, I am from Houston & I remember seeing Pep out at the clubs while in Houston. She was messing with a drug dealer named Tyrone Smith (Smitty) who was killed on the 610 loop in ’91 or early ’92. She never has mentioned who his father is except for in a Vibe interview back in the day saying something like the father isn’t in the picture so I’ve always thought Smitty was her son’s father. The girl Egypt definitely looks like Treach.

  13. I feel Salt grew up when she became a mom but that Pepa chick is off the hook. Woman need to know what it is to be a mother. These children look to us for guidance and if we’re out there acting a damn fool we can’t be surprised when the kids disrespect. Now she’s dishing dirt on ppl, her daughter will be 10 times as bad as her son.

  14. I love Pep, and Salt needs to chill out. I am watching the re-runs and also all their old vidoes. I love both of these women. I grew up listening to them, the first song I heard was Push It and still love it to this day. I wonder if they will have a third season. I hope they do a reunion tour, I would live to see them in concert. They definitely don’t give Spin the recognition she deserves, I love her too. I think Salt finally realized she was trying to hard to be like Pep instead of being herself, she knew she was no competion for her so she left the group which is selfish and unfair. But Pep is a soldier as u can clearly see, she is doing her thang. Her son will come around. Pep just needs to be herself, and Salt needs to stop thinking that her life is the only way and right way to live and let Pep be Pep. Here’s to Season 3!

  15. Salt’s daughter is by Herby The Luv Bug. Back in the day it was mentioned that they had a baby together and they broke up soon after. Also Treach is Tyran’s father.

  16. I love Salt ‘n’ Pepa too and your right @ Lema They definitely don’t give Spinderella the recognition she deserves she almost was just a decoration in most of their videos… she nailed it when she “finally” had more than a few words in the 1990’s hit “Whatta Man”

  17. I’m from Houston tx y’all and pepa son his dad name is Tyrone Smith aka smitty also from Houston south park area off Martin Luther King he was a drug kingpin that was killed on 610 freeway back in the early 90s but some say he faked his death and people still say that to this very day!!

  18. Ummm i think u guys got it wrong the guy yall referrin to name was not tyrone his name was Carl Smith aka Smitty he was da kingpin of houston at dat time also he wasnt from south park dat boy was Bone Hard Hiram Clarke.thats if we talkin bout da same cat he drove a midnight blue Hollywood 77′ cutlass pop doorz n ricks

  19. He was well known around da houston area fo numerous reasons he was also 1of the 1st one to do a slab. He owned a superman benz a Rolls n mo other cars he was jus one of the legends of houston

  20. Well his name is carl alonzo aka smitty he is my dad he had a brown cutlass Hollywood top kb was his right hand man yep the burnt orange Benz the pink and white dully my mother gave me up for adoption right when I was born

  21. Pep was molested when she was a young girl so she has a “whore” mentality. I saw the episode where she had her face in between the legs of a dancer and the way she was twirling her her head around, it looked as though she was or wanted to give him a blow job. Salt was absolutely correct when she said they same thing. Pep didn’t even have a problem with herself being seen on national television in such a manner.

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