Dollar Dollar Bills Yall!


Popular televangelist Creflo Dollar is being called on the carpet again for his “prosperity gospel” which teaches that God brings riches to the faithful. Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is asking whether or not churches such as the one run by Creflo Dollar and his wife Taffi really are non-profits. Dollar is just one of the televangelists asked to provide financial information to the committee.

In an interview with CBS News, Dollar addressed the widely reported claim that he has two Rolls-Royces. Dollar says he only has one Rolls-Royce and that one was purchased by donors or members of the church and that it was a surprise to him. This is not the first time Dollar has had to address the Rolls issue, nor is it the first time he has used this answer. In fact, a quick search brings up a Businessweek interview in 2005 where Dollar said the church congregation gave him the Rolls-Royce saying that they wanted him to drive the best and that he felt to turn it down would be a “a dishonor to the people that gave it to me.”

11 thoughts on “Dollar Dollar Bills Yall!

  1. Don’t know much about Dr. Dollar, but I think it’s kinda funny that his last name is Dollar, and he pulled in 69 million dollars last year. My dad was a preacher. We were quite poor growing up, but I never heard a single complaint from dad, and we drove around in a beat-up old chevy. I learned a good work ethic and although I was a typical PK, and probably the worst kid on the block, I still know where my salvation comes from.
    Dr Dollar should be ashamed of driving his RR in the neighbourhood, while how many folks out there are giving their last pennies to the church, and how many out there are going to bed hungry. He needs to practice what he preaches about giving rather thenjust taking.

  2. why do you human beings choose to redicule and put down woh god has bless.if god bless creflo dollar who are you all to complain dont u know when u take care of gods business he’ll take care of yours.i dont care what the world says i believe in creflo dollar an anointed man of god .by everyone running their months its not going to make a difference because god already pronounce the blessing over his life

  3. Wow Nutmeg! Creflo is human like anyone else and is not infallible. Also for him to bank 69 million dollars a year come on!!!!! There are so many things he could do with that money for the unfortunate besides roll up in a Rolls Royce dropping pennies on the poor.

  4. Everybody’s a critic when you’re broke. Instead of shooting the messenger, why not listen to what the man has to say? Also, he drives a Volkswagen. He owns nice vehicles but he doesn’t parade them around and flaunt them for everyone to see. What this article doesn’t say is that he has given away multiple cars, clothes and TONS money to the poor. He’s not just hoarding it for himself. But of course you don’t hear that. God wants to us to be abundant in ALL areas in our life: health, financial, love and family. To pinpoint it down to just being rich is unfair. Dr. Dollar is just trying to show us the power of positive thinking and believing in God instead of stressing ourselves do death. The man has some powerful points that are very valid. I’m a working class citizen just like all of you folks and I think the man makes some valid points. He is human just like everyone else. I’m not painting him out to be a God, but I am defending his ideals and what he stands for.

  5. I agree with the first two comments. Creflo Dollar is only in it for the money! Satan can give him a million dollar ministry just to deceive others. People base their salvation on what they have or what their so called preacher has. Neither Jesus nor the apostles were concerned about building a kingdom on this earth! My question is how much truth does this guy preach? Absolutely none! When this man begins to forsake his life and sell him self out to the gospel by doing what the bible teaches which is denying your self. And preaching the acts 2:38 message then I’ll listen to him. As of now he’s just another pulpit pimp taking money from people that doesn’t know any better. Some one said he was anointed that tells me that if any body thinks this guy is anointed there understanding is lacking concerning the word of god. Anointing is what destroys sin. This man never preaches against homosexuality, fornication, lying, adultery, cursing, and sex before marriage! Yea I’m naming the sin; I’m doing what Dollar failed to do.

  6. So I’m guessing Abraham must have been a sinner too ‘cos he was blessed abundantly. How ’bout David? He had lots of material possessions too.
    It’s not how much material possession you have or don’t have that makes you closer to God but how you’re using those possessions to glorify God. A lot of people are watching too much news instead of listening to what God has to say.
    If God can do it for Creflo Dollar, He can do it for me too. Why is it ok for an unbeliever to make millions but not for a man of God. It’s an abomination to see princes walking barefooted while servants ride on horses.
    You’re blessed to be a blessing unto others. Blessing isn’t limited to financial abundance only but financial abundance is part of God’s plan for his people. Healing, marriage success, family success, fulfillment in ministry and many others are all part of God’s package for his children. Fellow Christians, I encourage you to go ahead and possess what’s rightgully yours.

  7. Creflo twist the scriptures to fill his pockets, Salvation is by grace and grace alone but Creflo said you need to tithe if you wanna go to heaven. People this is serious this is not a game. TD Jakes along with these guys stop preaching a fell in to that trap. you never hear TD preaching with the bible anymore. I guess its safe to say that he was never a true minister of God. I use to watch Creflo a lot until I opened my bible and read it for my self with the help Of John MacCarthur, Jim McCarty. People The blessing of abraham was not money yes God increase his flock but that has nothing to do with us, The true blessings of abraham was Faith look it up Galatians 3.

  8. Most of you critics dont even know how blessed Dr Creflo is, the way he impacts the lives of so many people. check your facts correctly before you hate on him.

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